November 9, 2009

New Beginnings!

Since we had several folks show an interest in Life Pointe Church this past weekend, I am wondering just want new series to speak on for Tuesday night Bible Study. I have spoken on different things such as using the Andy Griffith Show for our example of Godly items such as honesty, truthfulness, sacrifice, etc. to practice by watching a bit of an episode and then studying about it in the Bible. And then we went through the Book of John. And lately we have been discussing the Temple and how it was built along with a special emphasis on the Ark of God that was in the Holy of Holies area of the temple. Last week and the week before we talked about David and how he danced before the Ark right after another man died before the Ark. But now I am thinking of BACK TO THE BASICS so new converts, new attendees, and even us old times can be refreshed or learn for the first time, the very simple foundations we need to practice daily. So this Tuesday should be interesting as we see who comes in from the Fall Fest we had this past Saturday! Look out, we may just start growing! It's exciting but a little scary too! I just need to keep trusting and looking to God as He grows us!

Fall Festival!

Just because it has been months since I have written anything on the blog page certanly doesn't mean God has not been working! I just get busy doing things and soon forget to post and then when I try, it sometimes seems that I have computer difficulties, so anyway, while it's working, I wanted to post some things. I know one day I will look back and even though many people may never see this blogpage, I will use it as sort of a spiritual diary to recall so many of the things God has done for us and especially Life Pointe Churc. This past Saturday we had our second Block Party and this time we called it our Fall Fest! We again had the Liberty U. students come down and help us with the blow up houses for the kids to play on plus provide games, etc. for the kids to play. We (that is Ginny) made delicious funnel cakes from all the equipment we borrowed from the Pizza Den and we were able to give away a lot of prizes that we had donated from the local businesses. God was good to us in that over $300 worth of donations came in and it was all absolutely free of charge with no strings attached. God gave us the items so I praise Him for that! Most importantly we had several decisions for Jesus!! Only time will tell if those decisions are real but I certainly hope and pray so! One couple even expressed to me that they wanted to start coming to Life Pointe and join the church! I have never had anyone say that yet, so that was great! And then yesterday I got to go and preach at Craig Valley Baptist Church in Newcastle for Bill Grindstaff, whose church also came this past Saturday to help us. It is good to have a "partner" in our labor to plant Life Pointe. Craig Valley Baptist has some really good member who have encouraged us greatly! So God is good and we continue to plant and settle the church that God has called us to plant!