June 27, 2010

Time Goes On,,,Faith Gets Tested!

Today is June 27, a mere 15 days or so from my last post. As I read my last post I noticed I had wrote "it is with great sadness" and I am happy to say that I am trying to no longer look at the closing of Huff Lane with great sadness but rather with anticipation and eagerness to serve God in a new and better way! How's that for just accepting what God has in store for me and most important what He has in store for Life Pointe Church! I pray we will actually be able to live our our "motto" or goal and that is to "pointe lives to Christ" and with almost 500 kids at Round Hill we should be able to do that more effectively. That's 479 kids getting a monthly mailing about our movie night and potentially telling their parents about the new church that is meeting at the school! God is moving us for a reason and that reason is to bring folks to Him. The picture gets a little clearer as times passes..,doesn't mean it's still not tough to leave our familar stomping grounds but since God is moving us, it's got to be good and the best thing for us! Praise the Lord!

June 12, 2010

Huff Lane School Will Close

It is with great sadness that I type this post. This past Thursday, the Roanoke City School Board voted to close Huff Lane School. This is not only where Ginny has worked for almost 15 years, this is the place where lives have been changed and altered for eternity. As I went over to the school yesterday, I walked into the doors and saw boxes already being filled, taped shut, and placed in the gym. Having our Sunday service is probably going to be difficult to do with the all the things already in the way. But we will have it and continue to be faithful as God makes His will more clear to us. It is a trying and confusing time. I love the Lord and want His church, the church He has called me to plant, to continue, but right now there is a lot of uncertainity. I have been told by Ginny, that the principal at Huff Lane will let us meet at Round Hill next year, so God can still change lives there. It is just not the same and it is very tough right now. These are the times that try men's souls, I believe was a quote from George Washington but my soul is not being tried, but my spirit is. May God get the glory as always and may we see the picture clearer soon.

June 4, 2010


Well tonight is the debut of yet another outreach of Life Pointe Church! We have been showing movies for soon to be 2 years; hosted 2 community wide Block Parties; hosted a week