July 27, 2008

Jesus is Proposing!

I watched a dvd the other day that was entitled JUSTSTOPANDTHINK and if you add the .com after that title, you can watch it too. It was an excellent reminder that in the midst of this sometimes very busy world, that we all need to just stop and think truly about what is important and what really matters. One of the mental pictures that I picked up from this video was the fact that since we are the bride, then that means Jesus is the bridegroom. And since He is the bridegroom, that means He has asked us to marry Him, right? Picture this: Jesus down on one knee, ring in hand, love on His face, tenderness in His voice saying the words: Will You Marry Me? That was a new picture in my mind that I don't know if I had ever really thought of before. And what a picture that is! Jesus asking us to marry Him! My nephew Brad was married yesterday to his now new bride Jenny and I can just imagine Brad asking Jenny to marry him and waiting with love and anticipation for her answer. Jesus does the same to us, calling us to Himself. And since Jesus attended a wedding Himself in John chapter 2, that's another reminder of Him when I attend a wedding. A celebration of love and happiness of especially two people and in fact, a whole lot of people, as families and friends alike, all celebrate a union of love. What a picture..........what a Savior. In case you have never answered this question or pondered your response to Jesus, what do you think? Want to marry Someone who loves you so much that He was willing to die for you and wants only the best for you now? Hope your answer is yes.

Stepping Out In Faith

I have been reminded so much lately of how we all should just step out in faith and make the most of the gifts we have to honor the Lord and brings others to Him, especially with the time being so short that we have. God spoke to my heart months ago about stepping out in faith and starting a church. I am so glad I listened and am currently in the process of starting that church for Him. It's so good to "be about the Father's business" just as Jesus said He must do. When I hear messages about forgetting about ourselves and when I hear songs like the ones Steven Curtis sings that remind me "it's time for letting go, of all of our "if onlys", cause we don't have a time machine" it just makes me feel so good and blessed to know that in the past year or so, that I and my family have done just this and are looking forward to all the new and wonderful things God has in store for us in the future. That's not to say it isn't scary some days and not to say that it is always easy, but I want to be a pioneer, blazing trials, not a settler building forts. It is time to "let go and let God" and to attempt to do things only He can accomplish. It's exciting to know that God is with us, no matter how many are with us on earth just yet, at least the One who has called us is with us, and that's all that really matters.

July 19, 2008

Movie Madness #2

Tonight we had our second Monthly Movie Madness night and we had an enjoyable time with about 25 folks in attendance. It was a little disappointing in that several people who had said they would come, didn't show up after all, but still we had a good time and I believe we are doing just what God wants us to do, and that is to reach out to the community and to our neighbors. So we will continue to be faithful and to reach out again next month with the movie being "Road To Redemption" and just pray that God uses it to touch hearts and to perhaps introduce Himself to those who may not know Him yet as Savior.

July 16, 2008

Conference & Upcoming Event

It doesn't seem like it's been that long since the last post I made but time does fly! I was excited yesterday as I nailed down the details of Ginny, Andy, Ashley, and I all planning to attend the Innovate Conference that will be held in Lynchburg at Thomas Roads Baptist Church in the first part of August this summer. I am excited to get to hear and learn from some very blessed pastors from across the nation. I have read books by Jim Cymbala and Rick Warren and now I get to hear them speak, so it ought to be great! And the Lord was again so kind to me in that all four of us get to go at a greatly reduced price because God opened up some doors that allowed me speak to some folks that helped me to attend much cheaper than I thought I might initially have to pay. So hopefully all of us will go and enjoy ourselves and be blessed and be ready to come back and be a blessing to others! Our second outreach effort for the church will be this Saturday so prayerfully it will go well and we will have even more people than last time. We are showing a movie complete with Spanish subtitles. This way we can establish friendships and be able to make some contacts that we can later use to go and visit and get folks interested in the church and in learning more about Jesus. God continues to bless us with the desire to serve Him by serving others. And another big, big, blessing of this week was the fact my daughter-in-law Ashley got a job, so that's great and again a reminder that God provides for our needs! He's so good! And I think the best is yet to come!

July 8, 2008

A Great Monday!

Some may expect a "let-down" after having such a great, great, week at Camp Ta-pa-win-go last week but the Lord didn't let up on His blessings at all! I had been thinking about going to a conference that's coming up soon but just didn't want to spend too much moneny on it, so I called to inquire about the Innovate Conference that's coming at Thomas Roads Baptist Church on August 11-13 and ended up with a great surprise and blessing. It turns out since I am planting a church that's associated with the SBCV that if I join the Liberty Baptist Fellowship that I can go to all conferences absolutely free! And that's not all! If the church sends in a certain amount each month, I can actually take classes at Liberty University absolutely free too! WoW! I was surprised and yet I shouldn't be, it just seems like God continues to show Himself mighty! And even later I met someone when I was working out at the gym who may be very helpful in getting some flyers out for the next movie we will be having on Saturday July 19th. If this person can help as much as they implied, we could have a really good number of people there, so that would be great. So again, God is good...........of course I should just expect mighty blessings from Him the way He has showed Himself so good these past few days!

July 6, 2008

Take a "Listen", to what the Lord has Done!

I just wanted to follow up my last post with another bit of information about this past week of my speaking at Camp Ta-pa-win-go in Tennesse. We, that is the Moser family, has been going to this camp for almost 20 years now and we have often witnessed the Lord work on the hearts of both campers and conselors alike and this year was no exception. Many guys came up and told me that the Lord really touched their heart this week and that they had made a decision to follow Him more closely and to let go of some of the things the Lord had spoke to them about and to live for Him more strongly in certain areas of their life. So it was a blessing to see all these decisions being made and all these hearts being "tenderized" by the Master. But not only did God work in a terrific and mighty way, by saving and renewing the hearts of many folks who prayed and got their life right with the Lord, but "Uncle Paul" was a big blessing to me and really out did himself by recording all my messages and almost immeadiately putting them on the podcast of the camp so campers could listen to them again and again even after they left camp and returned home. Paul really worked hard to do this and I appreciate him so much for putting forth this big effort in helping the campers to be able to listen again to the messages that God used to touch their hearts. So often campers hate to leave camp and return to the "world" in which they live normallly because they wish they could take a part of what made camp so special to them this week back home with them to help them continue to live strongly for the Lord and to keep faithful in the decision they made to the Lord at camp. Now, maybe they can stand a better chance in doing this by listening over and over to what God used at camp to grab their heart. While I know I may not be the greatest speaker in the world, I am grateful God used me and my words to show Himself mighty this week in the lives of so many young people. I am blessed, humbled, and indeed grateful that He lets me be a part of His great work. The web site address for the camp is http://www.cbmcamp.com/ and the place to go to find these messages is to the left under "Cool Camper Clicks" then just click on Camp Audio Stuff and you'll be set. God bless and good listening if you decide to check these messages out. While you won't get to see all the powerpoint slides or movie clips I used, hopefully you can still check out the main points of the messages and be encouraged and blessed. Again, I praise the Lord for all He did and still is doing to help use me to be a blessing to others. I am grateful and He indeed is great.

July 5, 2008

God is Amazing, just like His Grace!

I wanted to tell those of you who prayed for me while I was speaking at camp this week in Tennesse that God certainly answered your and my prayers! I had the opportunity to speak a total of 9 times and on several occasions both in the morning and evening and God just showed Himself mighty! We started off the week on a good note Monday night and the campers seemed to listen well. And then after I finished and about everybody had left, I noticed a conselor sitting talking with a camper and the camper soon bowed his head and asked the Lord to save him! When I went over after they were talking, he told me " I just got saved"! That's always great news when I hear it! So again, we got off to a fine start on Monday night! On Tuesday night, several responded by coming up and praying which was very good but on Thursday night, it just seemed like the Lord broke out revival! It was just so amazing! I finished speaking and just bowed down myself at the front and started praying for God to just touch hearts and show Himself to the campers and just consume the place. With the Amazing Grace video by Chris Tomlin being played for our invitation, I was just humbled before God myself as I bowed and prayed thanking God for how He had touched my heart and how I just wanted Him to use what I had said to touch others. I then noticed a couple of campers coming up and praying on both sides of me. Then there was a few more. Then a few more, and I soon had to move because there was hardly no room at the front to kneel. God just touched heart after heart and people were coming up crying, praying, and getting things settled with God. I had the opportunity to listen to several young people share their heart and what God had spoke to them about and then pray with them. This went on for quite a while, and the next thing I knew, there must have been about 30 to 40 campers (maybe more) who camp up and prayed. Our service started at 8:15 and I believe we ended about 10:00 or later with several still sitting, praying, and talking with conselors. Several shared at the campfire later that night on what they prayed about and how God had touched their heart about making a decision for Him. Then on Friday morning, apparently God wasn't through working yet! After giving the invitation for folks to come down and pray as God led them, I looked down and normally I don't even worry about numbers or am not too concerned with them, but I thought I would just count the number who were praying while I waiting as God again touched hearts, and 17 campers were on their knees talking to God about things He had spoke to them about. It was just an amazing week and to God be all the Glory! Thanks for praying and being a very important part in the working, saving, renewing, and delivering of souls and lives for Jesus Christ this week! Thank you so much. I'm still praising Him!