July 27, 2008

Jesus is Proposing!

I watched a dvd the other day that was entitled JUSTSTOPANDTHINK and if you add the .com after that title, you can watch it too. It was an excellent reminder that in the midst of this sometimes very busy world, that we all need to just stop and think truly about what is important and what really matters. One of the mental pictures that I picked up from this video was the fact that since we are the bride, then that means Jesus is the bridegroom. And since He is the bridegroom, that means He has asked us to marry Him, right? Picture this: Jesus down on one knee, ring in hand, love on His face, tenderness in His voice saying the words: Will You Marry Me? That was a new picture in my mind that I don't know if I had ever really thought of before. And what a picture that is! Jesus asking us to marry Him! My nephew Brad was married yesterday to his now new bride Jenny and I can just imagine Brad asking Jenny to marry him and waiting with love and anticipation for her answer. Jesus does the same to us, calling us to Himself. And since Jesus attended a wedding Himself in John chapter 2, that's another reminder of Him when I attend a wedding. A celebration of love and happiness of especially two people and in fact, a whole lot of people, as families and friends alike, all celebrate a union of love. What a picture..........what a Savior. In case you have never answered this question or pondered your response to Jesus, what do you think? Want to marry Someone who loves you so much that He was willing to die for you and wants only the best for you now? Hope your answer is yes.

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