May 24, 2013

Here it is May 23rd, actually 24th now that it is 12:19am but again I am compelled to write how good God is and how we stay optimistic, excited, and so confirmed that God is leading us to a new building in which to worship Him! I continue to be taught patience as I seek wisdom and ask a lot of questions to both the bank, Gary, and the folks at the SBCV. I know we can do it but it seems that the folks who will end up loaning the money want us to be very, very, very, very, sure of what we are going to do.  I feel I am sure of what God wants us to do but I know they are just trying to help but it get somewhat "trying" wading through the paperwork, decisions, fact finding process, and just a host of other things that take time to get through.  I do think we are nearing the end of our sorting and wading though and prayerfully the decision will be made soon, so praise the Lord and may we soon be heading to our new place of worship!

May 4, 2013

Well here it is May 4, 2013! And it's Saturday, so I still have some things to do for my message tomorrow but I just had to post anyway.  I wanted to say what a joy it is to watch God continue to lead us to our new church building.  Gary Francisco called to day after we had talked a couple times this week and it was a blessing to have him help me "incorporate" the church especially since I will most likely have to go downtown and speak to some people about securing a loan this week.  I must admit after a few phone calls this week and listening to all the details or just the "business" end of the process of securing the loan, it can get a little discouraging.  I guess I just think of the "faith" side of things and just KNOW that God will provide us a way and means of securing the building and making all the payments that we will need to make.   I just don't even want to think of us not being able to make a payment or be able to secure the money that we need.  Of course bank people do not think this way.  I don't know if they lack faith or I lack the business "side" of seeing things.  And to think, I have a Business Management Degree and a Business Education Degree and still don't like to think of the business side of things, I just want to have faith and keep pressing ahead.  But anyway, we will soon be incorporated and work to secure our loan and hopefully, prayerfully, will be in our building, the one that God picked and helped us to secure.  Now to work on my message some.  But God is so good, I just want to watch Him provide as we go ahead for Him and as we  S O A R!