June 1, 2015

Continued Blessing!

Has it really been almost a year or so since my last post? I think it was October of last year....and now it's the first day of June 2015! I am so glad we have memories of past events and so that's another reason I try to keep up with my blog but I am getting worse and worse on doing that....sham on me. I so want to say thanks to the Lord for a fantastic day at Life Pointe today and it seems He is really touching hearts and changing lives so I thank Him deeply for that. And our son James Andrew Moser married Lindsey Nicole Narmour yesterday so it is so wonderful to see Andy with his brand new wife. It was a great day! So things are changing both in our family and our church family. Folks are visiting us and God is visiting us by bringing people in that truly need a change in their lives. I am just thankful and humble He uses us.  I didn't record it here on the blog like I should have but another reason God saw fit to put us right where we are on Williamson Road was so we could minister to the Harris family whose son Todd had cancer and is now with Jesus.  I had no idea that God had us move in so I could talk with Todd to make sure he knew Jesus, eventually come to know and marry Todd with his wife Evelyn and even preach the funeral where several hundred firemen would be present. It is just so amazing to see God's Hand unfold sometimes and let us see what His plan is, especially since we had no idea that is what it was going to be from the beginning.  God is awesome and amazes me with the way He works things through. So until next time....I just want to say thanks be to the One who has us right where He wants us and am thankful He continues to bless and use us just all the time!

October 27, 2014

I just found this post from what I had typed a few weeks ago. I knew I hadn't lost my mind because I just knew I had typed a post about our church dedication service with Jonathan Falwell stopping by to see us. But then again, I thought, maybe I did just fail to write it; turns out I did write it but just failed to post it.  I just have to get better at these posts! That was what I wrote in the first line of my last post, that is maybe getting help with them; looks like I could use the help! But at any rate, here goes, and hopefully I will do better in the futre.  Here is my post from several weeks ago.

I guess I should just delegate these blog entries to someone else, I am just so bad about taking the time to write them; but then again, I mostly use this as my own "diary" or "journal" so I guess I'll keep posting although I know I could do much better. I checked the last entry and it was on July 30th and just so much has happened since then. For one huge thing, we had our Life Pointe Church Dedication and Celebration on September 21st, just in time to be an early birthday present for me and an early blessing to all who attended. I asked a friend from Lynchburg to stop by and pray with us and for us and to give us a short challenge and it just so happened (God continues to confirm and work things out for us) that this friend was speaking close by and gladly accepted my invitation to stop by and visit with the Life Pointe Church family. So in addition to Joan and Gary Francisco stopping by (the previous owners of the building), and Debby Williams, the nice banker lady who helped us secure our loan after we had been turned down by another group, and Ken and Carol Looney from Craig Valley Baptist Church rushing back from the beach and their vacation to be with us, be we also had the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church stop by and so Jonathan Falwell was my friend who I had asked to come by and pray with us and so it was a great day of celebration indeed! We had slides, pictures, testimonies, songs, and a sort of narrative to go along and help folks see just how far God has brought us. And then Lindsey had a very nice video at the end that was the perfect finishing touch so again, it was a great time! Cake and punch fixed by Ginny put the final accent on our great day of blessing! We continue to see God bless and even last Sunday was one of the best Sundays we've had for awhile, so God continues to bless us richly. We also continue to see our building change to a home instead of just a building. When we first moved in, our building changed from an accounting office to a church, or as the inspectors downtown say, from a "B to a A" meaning from a business to an assembly. But then, even though it looked so much better with our new floors and fresh paint and just all the nice things we added, we begin to put up curtains; and wall printings; and pictures; and then the building now even seems to have gained it's own personality of warmth and an inviting atmosphere with a "tree" being planted in the children's area, and a beautiful picture of Noah's Ark in the nursery. Things look so nice...I am impressed, blessed, and grateful. I just know if anyone would visit us they would feel welcome and feel as though they had come into our "home" which is exactly what want guests to feel. I pray and look forward to more things to come and for people to come to Christ, be baptized, and to grow in Him.

God Continues to work at Life Pointe!

My what a busy weekend we just had at Life Pointe Church! On Saturday several of us traveled to Lynchburg, or more specifically, Liberty University, to watch the Flames take on the Bulldogs of Gardner-Webb. LU was triumphant in a 38 to 0 win, so it was a great day for the Flames and some of us who enjoy lunch at Sheetz and then a beautiful day at Williams Stadium.  Then yesterday at church we continued with our Before Amen Series, emphasizing the important and simplicity of prayer, watching a short video with Max Lucado and enjoy a message and communion. Then at 1:30 we had a special baptism service with James Sledd; Virginia Almond; Kylee Overstreet; and Lucas Sorrel. It was a great time watching these guys share outwardly what has taken place in their hearts, that is a decision to accept and follow Jesus Christ. And then last night a movie classic with Don Knotts, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, so it was a busy but very blessed weekend.  And now by the way, I do realize I have not posted since July, so I don't know where the time goes! Today is October 27th and it is almost November so that means I have waited for over 3 months to post! I just thought for sure I had posted since then. We had our church dedication with Jonathan Falwell dropping by to offer a prayer and short message of encouragement with us and that was super! And the reminder of just how far God has brought by us showing the pictures of our past, the construction of the building, and just what God has done for us was just amazing and very touching. I am indeed grateful for what God has done for  us and continues to do for us. Right now we are doing a series on "Before Amen" based on the book and video series by Max Lucado, so again, we stay busy but I never want to fail to say THANK YOU to God for all of what He has done. We use to pray for so much and God has answered many of those prayers and provided for our needs, so I want to always be grateful, thankful. and appreciative of what He has done. Yesterday with the baptisms, I was reminded again of how God has changed lives and hearts, and helped people make a decision to follow Jesus more closely. I am indeed blessed and very thankful God called me to plant and pastor His church, Life Pointe.

July 30, 2014

We have been showing movies for the past 3 Sundays but next Sunday we are going to show "God's Not Dead" which was just in the theaters a couple of months ago, so we are praying and hoping for a big turnout! It's a great movie, so I do pray folks come to watch it; enjoy themselves; and then come back on Sunday to hear the new series by the same name.  Let's pray and ask God to work!

July 29, 2014

It's Tuesday, July 29, 2014, so I thought I better post to record how things are going this summer. We are showing movies on Sunday night now for the month of July and have shown 3 movies with our biggest movie coming up this coming Sunday night which is "God's Not Dead" which was just in the theaters a few months ago. We pray for a big crowd and hopefully some new folks who need to find a church home. May God bless our efforts. We also continue to hang curtains, paint boards, put down a new floor in the kitchen, and use our talents to paint baseboards, paint quarter-rounds, and just make the church a beautiful building in which we all can come and worship God. I appreciate Jim and Marjory and it's quite evident that God sent them our way to help us with all these building projects; they sure are an encouragement and their help is just overwhelming at times. It's hard to tell where we would be if we did not have them doing so much of the work these past weeks and now months; we have been blessed to keep our 30 plus congregation over the summer months despite lots of folks going on vacations. Ginny has now painted the kitchen and the nursery and made both rooms quite appealing and beautiful. The nursery has a magnetic wall to hold things for the kids to see and play with and both the teen room and the children's room have painted chalkboards to aid in the lessons the teachers bring out to the children. So, a lot is happening at Life Pointe and God continues to bless us and our efforts. Hopefully we will see a "harvest" soon. 

July 11, 2014

Just thought I would post another quick post listing a few items God has orchestrated over the past few weeks! On the first Sunday of June we were still at Round Hill but the city school folks didn't really want us in there any longer. So when we were there the second Sunday too, I know they were not quite happy; still we then told them we had to be in there one more Sunday which was Father's Day and on that Sunday they had continued work so that a wall in the cafeteria was gone and the backyard was all tore up and gravel and dirt were in different places, so I knew we would have to be gone soon! So then after that 3rd Sunday, someone called and told us on Wednesday I think, that we definitely could not be in the school the following Sunday; seems we had exhausted our extended stay time but wouldn't you know it; we were told on Wednesday we couldn't be in the school anymore and then on Thursday, the very next day, were approved by the city inspectors so we could then move into our new building. Talk about closing one day and opening another one! Literally, that is what God did! So I love it when God is that clear to us! Takes out the chance of me messing things up! So we are enjoying our new home knowing it is where God wanted us to be! Amazing Grace and an Amazing God!

July 8, 2014

Wow, here it is July 8th, 2014 and so much has happened since my last post! Lots of things to show God has provided us with "things" we needed and has blessed us with things that only He could have provided. Whether it is something for Life Pointe Church or something for my son Andy and his friends that were traveling to London, Scotland, Paris and several other places too! God is indeed good and showed Himself mighty! As for Life Pointe Church, we had our very first Sunday service on June 22nd, 2014. That is 06-22-14 for our very first ever service! That is amazing and astounding news when you think this is something we have been looking forward to for over a year! We're in the building!!! It just seems so hard to believe that we are finally in our new building! That's the BIG, BIG news and it has been so much of a blessing these past 3 weeks; things are looking good too, it seems every time we go into the building something else looks a little more like a "home" for those who will visit and for those who are in the Life Pointe family. It is just so good to finally be "home" in God's new home! I can write so much but I'll do that later when I have more time, but for now, "We're in our new church home!" and that's great news! Praise the Lord!