July 30, 2014

We have been showing movies for the past 3 Sundays but next Sunday we are going to show "God's Not Dead" which was just in the theaters a couple of months ago, so we are praying and hoping for a big turnout! It's a great movie, so I do pray folks come to watch it; enjoy themselves; and then come back on Sunday to hear the new series by the same name.  Let's pray and ask God to work!

July 29, 2014

It's Tuesday, July 29, 2014, so I thought I better post to record how things are going this summer. We are showing movies on Sunday night now for the month of July and have shown 3 movies with our biggest movie coming up this coming Sunday night which is "God's Not Dead" which was just in the theaters a few months ago. We pray for a big crowd and hopefully some new folks who need to find a church home. May God bless our efforts. We also continue to hang curtains, paint boards, put down a new floor in the kitchen, and use our talents to paint baseboards, paint quarter-rounds, and just make the church a beautiful building in which we all can come and worship God. I appreciate Jim and Marjory and it's quite evident that God sent them our way to help us with all these building projects; they sure are an encouragement and their help is just overwhelming at times. It's hard to tell where we would be if we did not have them doing so much of the work these past weeks and now months; we have been blessed to keep our 30 plus congregation over the summer months despite lots of folks going on vacations. Ginny has now painted the kitchen and the nursery and made both rooms quite appealing and beautiful. The nursery has a magnetic wall to hold things for the kids to see and play with and both the teen room and the children's room have painted chalkboards to aid in the lessons the teachers bring out to the children. So, a lot is happening at Life Pointe and God continues to bless us and our efforts. Hopefully we will see a "harvest" soon. 

July 11, 2014

Just thought I would post another quick post listing a few items God has orchestrated over the past few weeks! On the first Sunday of June we were still at Round Hill but the city school folks didn't really want us in there any longer. So when we were there the second Sunday too, I know they were not quite happy; still we then told them we had to be in there one more Sunday which was Father's Day and on that Sunday they had continued work so that a wall in the cafeteria was gone and the backyard was all tore up and gravel and dirt were in different places, so I knew we would have to be gone soon! So then after that 3rd Sunday, someone called and told us on Wednesday I think, that we definitely could not be in the school the following Sunday; seems we had exhausted our extended stay time but wouldn't you know it; we were told on Wednesday we couldn't be in the school anymore and then on Thursday, the very next day, were approved by the city inspectors so we could then move into our new building. Talk about closing one day and opening another one! Literally, that is what God did! So I love it when God is that clear to us! Takes out the chance of me messing things up! So we are enjoying our new home knowing it is where God wanted us to be! Amazing Grace and an Amazing God!

July 8, 2014

Wow, here it is July 8th, 2014 and so much has happened since my last post! Lots of things to show God has provided us with "things" we needed and has blessed us with things that only He could have provided. Whether it is something for Life Pointe Church or something for my son Andy and his friends that were traveling to London, Scotland, Paris and several other places too! God is indeed good and showed Himself mighty! As for Life Pointe Church, we had our very first Sunday service on June 22nd, 2014. That is 06-22-14 for our very first ever service! That is amazing and astounding news when you think this is something we have been looking forward to for over a year! We're in the building!!! It just seems so hard to believe that we are finally in our new building! That's the BIG, BIG news and it has been so much of a blessing these past 3 weeks; things are looking good too, it seems every time we go into the building something else looks a little more like a "home" for those who will visit and for those who are in the Life Pointe family. It is just so good to finally be "home" in God's new home! I can write so much but I'll do that later when I have more time, but for now, "We're in our new church home!" and that's great news! Praise the Lord!

June 10, 2014

June 6th was a special day both for Ginny and I celebrating 33 years together and Brett and Melanie celebrating 16 years together, plus Andy and Lindsey going to honor those special men and women who made the Normandy D-Day Invasion and eventually our freedom possible, in Bedford at the National D-Day Memorial but also because we got some more things done at our future Life Pointe Church home. We finished out the day with eating together and then Andy and I had to back to our building just to make sure everything stayed safe and sound. We then worked on the building on Saturday, June 7th accomplishing a few more things, so God is at work. But Satan is also at work and has been trying to discourage us with various trials, but "Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world" so we must stay strong and focused on Jesus who is the author and finished of our faith. God will help us but I will admit it's been a little tough here lately; we must be doing something good and right for the devil to be after us. But God is good and will see us through these fiery trials, just like He did the Hebrew boys in Daniel chapter 3. Jesus is in every fiery trial that comes our way, so at least Jesus is with us.  We just have to keep trusting Him; and now here we are at Camp Ta-pa-win-go for the week so may we again just keep trusting God to work in our midst.

June 6, 2014

Andy and I worked hard last night, getting a small hole dug so we could put up our handicapped sign at the new church parking lot. Being a small hole, it still took a strong steel dig bar to make it through the present pavement and down through the hardened ground. But, nevertheless, we made it with Andy even digging our some of the dirt and gravels with his hands and a plastic spoon. I told you it was small hole! But the sign is in the ground; now we just need to concrete it in for permanency. Ginny and Tamra have also been busy painting the teen room with some bright, stripes, and it really looks good! So things are coming along quite nicely. May God continue to bless our efforts to honor Him with our new church home! I know I sure couldn't have done this without the sacrificial help from a lot of people. Thank you all for what you have done! May God richly repay you!

June 4, 2014

God is good; all the time. All the time; God is good! We say that and sometimes say it so quickly that it loses some of the meaning but truly God is good and does provide and is a constant source of protection; provision; and Presence, in that He is with us. Today I got some oil and a filter to go along with the other things Joe is doing for our van, so it will be ready to make the tip to Tennessee and Camp Ta-pa-win-go. Joe and I are memorizing scripture together so that helps us to honor God and stay more close to Jesus. He is a good friend and a blessing. The van will be fixed by the end of the day after having some mechanical problems yesterday. I also mailed a letter to someone today who needs both encouragement and perhaps a reminder to return to the place he was before drifting away from the Lord. I also just got a driver lined up for afterschool and then I also have the possibility of obtaining a "panic" bar for the door at the church and it would be much cheaper than what I thought I would have to pay for it. So God provides and helps and instructs and blesses. God is good; all the time. All the time; God is good! Thanks and praise be to Jesus who blesses us with what we need to live for Him!