March 2, 2014

Well here I am again trying to make up for not posting in such a long time; I just seem to either forget to post or just not take the time to record all the things God is doing and so much has happened since my last post in January. God is good and has been leading me and Life Pointe by making sure we see what direction to take as we prepare our new building on Williamson Road. And even though we might have been a little surprised by some things (like the roof leaking) we still know that God has His hand on us and what He has called us to do. So....for lack of a better way to record everything maybe I should just try to list the things that come to mind. and I can even begin with today or this morning, more specifically, when a couple of people decided to join Life Pointe, so things are good so I better get to listing!
1.  This morning, after the Sunday service, I was encouraged to have Chris and Karrie Sheppard decide to join Life Pointe, that is, they wanted to become members. That was great! And Chris and Karrie are related to Ben and Nikkie so hopefully Lucas and Renee and everyone will enjoy being together at the same church and being in the same family!
2. Yesterday we moved the front counter at Life Pointe's new building, which was very heavy and awkward to do but it now looks a lot better.
3. This past week, we had to deal with several leaks that have popped up at our new building; not that I am complaining because God knows all, and I fully accept everything that has came to pass but I will admit, the past few weeks have been a little tough at times. We have had to rip out all the carpet and put up many trash cans to catch the water and shovel snow, yes shovel snow, off the roof the building. So it has been an exciting past 2 weeks. But we have also finally patched up a few holes and it seems to be holding for awhile, but we still have work to do. The only estimate we have had so far is from Melvin T. Morgan and it was for....(are you sitting down, even as you read this?) $22, 750! I couldn't believe it either; so I have called several companies to get more estimates. So we'll see what happens and I know God is in control, so He will provide!
4. We had our very first service in the new building 2 weeks ago on February 16th, so it was very exciting on how God provided! It had snowed so we needed the parking lot plowed and it just so happened a former student of mine, Joe Casey, volunteered to come to that even though I did not ask him to. So while we were in Richmond for Lindsey, Joe called and offered to plow the lot. So I called him back and then when we got back to Roanoke, we went past the church parking lot and Joe was even there plowing as we came by. We talked and then I sort of felt bad to tell Joe that we had not moved into the building yet but would appreciate the lot plowed. As it turns out, we did need the lot plowed because the city of Roanoke had now plowed the school lot. God's infinite wisdom He provided a place where we could celebrate our 4th Church anniversary plus worship in our new building showing folks what it looked like.  The next day was when the 2 foot snow started melting and leaking through the roof but at least we had one service in it before we had to work on the leaks.
5. We continue to prepare the building and await this week for God to provide for our needs. It's exciting to be in this position because God will have to show Himself mighty but I know He can do that; He already has.
I think that sort of catches up on my posts so until next time! I just can't believe we have been Life Pointe Church for as long as we have and also have been holding services for 4 years now. God is good! And the best is yet to come!

January 15, 2014

Tonight was a very special night in the life of Life Pointe Church. We gathered together, 22 of us in all, to dedicate the building, that is remodeling, demolition, and then construction on the building that will soon be the new home of Life Pointe Church. It was very exciting to see 22 people, of all ages come out to pray, eat, fellowship, and then tear down a few walls! It was very exciting to see the enthusiasm of the people and of what God is going to do!  I just don't ever feel like I give the Lord enough credit and praise for giving me the people that He has that make up Life Pointe Church!  I am blessed, humbled, and excited to be their pastor.

January 10, 2014

I can't believe I am finally able to type this entry on my blog page but here it is: TODAY WE ACHIEVED COMPLETION AND RECEIVED PERMISSION TO START WORK AND SOON MOVE IN TO OUR NEW CHURCH BUILDING!! I was so excited yesterday when I knew today would be the "closing" day but I wanted to wait and make sure and so today I called Tammi Woods the lady who helped us already change the occupancy rate by letting us include a potential 20% of our folks that come to Life Pointe as walk ups or bus riders so our rate went from 68 to 85; so today I called her to let her know the front of the building would remain "as is" and so after confirming that with her, she let the folks in the planning office know and so....I was able to go down and "close the deal" so to speak and finally get our permission notice or approval and work permit.  It was so exciting that I wanted to pray right there in the office but I just decided to do that in the car. And a woman named Jill Caldwell, was very helpful and made it so the church does not have to pay real estate taxes; that will save the church thousands of dollars so it was a good day indeed in the continual progression of us getting into our new church building and seeing God's Hand of blessing and provision.  Praise the LORD! I look forward to announcing the great news this Sunday!

January 9, 2014

Well, here I go typing one of the most important messages that I have ever typed since beginning this blog page 6 years ago! Wow, it must be a BIG announcement, you may be thinking....and you'd be absolutely right! After weeks and weeks and now months and months, and applications, appraisals, approvals, and lots of forms filled out and lots of talks and planning....when I came in today from driving students....Ginny told me that Bane Compton had left a message for me.  So I turned around and called him immediately and he then told me if I would just call one more person in the morning and tell them one more thing via the email route, then I could finally come downtown at the Planning office and pick up my.....are your ready? I could pick up the Certificate Of Occupancy and our Work Permit to finally be able to start work on remodeling the church!!! How exciting is that??? So we have finally come to the point of starting work and soon moving in! It really is hard to believe.....God has taught us much a a church and certainly taught me a lot to increase my faith....May we continue on with God's blessing and be full speed ahead looking forward to what God has in store for us!  Praise the Lord! 

January 7, 2014

Today is January 7, 2014; tomorrow will be the 8th and also the day that 16 years ago my Daddy left this earth to go and be with Jesus in heaven. I certainly miss him but glad he and my Momma can be together in heaven enjoying the presence of Jesus! I am sure they would both be proud of what we are doing at Life Pointe and knowing Daddy he would have his hammer and saw wanting to help us remodel and build a nice church and one that we can all be proud of.  With so much time gone since my last post on November 22, 2013, it's hard to recall all the things that have taken place since then. I know I should do a better job of just listing a few things, rather than wait and try to mention them all. But alas.....I will try to name a few things with some of them being very, very, exciting knowing we are getting closer to being in our new church home.

1. On December 31, (My Momma's birthday) just a few weeks ago, I finally handed in all the things I needed to hand in to the city planning office so they could give us permission to start work on remodeling. That requires that we have a CO, Certificate of Occupancy and of course a work permit too.  It was just hard to believe but felt so good that I finally had  e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g ready to hand in; the revised plans; the certificate for asbestos; the form mentioning our planned changes to accommodate the ADA requirements; and the latest form showing we had taken care of all the necessary changes required.

2. I might mention that I had already turned in our plans once but the person in charge, Bane Compton, had asked for some clarifications from Hughes & Associates about certain points they had not made clear on the first set of plans. At least they didn't charge us since they had left off the details required by the city folks. Of course some of the things were fine but there is one particular thing that I hope can stay the way it is and that is a fixture in the men's bathroom.

3. One of the things Hughes & Associates had previously mentioned was that we could only have 68 people in our building. When I figured that we could at least have 85 they didn't exactly agree with that since there are only 17 parking spaces at our building and each space is allowed 4 people thus equally the 68 they mentioned in their original plans. I called and Bane Compton told me "let's see if I can put you in touch with someone who can help you." He did give me a number and so I called and left a message with a woman who knows about such matters. She called me back in the afternoon at about 2:00 and I normally would have been in class or driving so that would have been tough; but God, like He so often does, make a way! As I was coming out to drive, the fire alarm sounded at Salem High School and so I was not able to leave as I was going to, and was instead able to wait for a few minutes and talk to the lady who did in fact help me. She said because some people may take public transportation or walk up to the church (the exact things I told Ginny about the week before when I questioned the previous number) she was able to add 20% or so. She asked "how many people did you think you could have?" and when I said 85 she said, "let's see...85 times 20 percent would be 17 and 17 plus 68 would be..." guess it...85! The exact number I had in mind! isn't God great???!!!  So that was taken care of!

4. On December 31, 2013 we also held a prayer meeting at our building. Along with the good food and the planning by Jim, Brian, and Angel and myself, we also had Ginny, Beth, Marjory, and Carley and Beatrice, someone kin to Angel. I was just glad we could get together and ask God's blessing on our building and on His working on the people who He would bring to us.

Today is January 7, 2014 and I visited the City of Roanoke's office and handed in our exemption letter to keep from paying real estate taxes and found everyone I spoke to today was as usual, very nice to me. It would appear God's favor continues to rest on me as I seek the approval of the powers that be in the city offices. So while all this has taken time, a lot of time it seems, nevertheless, things are progressing and by the end of this week....we may....just in our building!

November 21, 2013

Here it is, the day before the famous day in which both a president and a great man of God passed away. The president was John F. Kennedy and the great man of God was none other than C.S. Lewis. As for the other things going on this week, I have talked with Frank Haley and Keith St. Clair, both building inspectors for the city of Roanoke, in hopes of figuring out whether I would have to totally remodel the men's bathroom in our future Life Pointe Church home. As it is, we are going to just leave the plans "as is", that I submitted last week to the Building and Planning office downtown and just see if we can work out things when the inspector finally comes to visit our building and grant us a certificate of occupancy. Keith St. Clair said he would work with us and try to help us out so that was encouraging knowing someone is going to try and understand where we are coming from. It's not that I don't want to do what is required but I just feel we go above and beyond what we need to do at times. I appreciate Hughes & Associates and Martha Chester has been really nice working with me, so I do want to try and do what they recommend is best. But so far we have been able to change some of the plans we started off with and so I contacted Martha and discussed some of the things that were on the plans I finally was able to submit to the city. I am thankful for the things that we have been able to adjust, I just hope we can do that a couple more times concerning the bathroom fixtures, etc. God continues to bless and so as I went down and discussed the plans a week or so ago and then had the plans sent to me in a PDF file, and then sent them to Karen to run off for me, and then was able to submit them to the powers that be at the city office, I thought it was a good day! Then....Brett and Brian mentioned a couple of things on the plans, so then I contacted Martha this week and asked them about the things and some were explained and some had to stay as is, but again I am just giving them to God and let's see what happens! God is good! We continue to look for moving soon into the building so many people have worked together to make happen!

November 13, 2013

I know the date is no longer 11-12-13 (wasn't that a neat date to have our closing on) but I felt I just had to give comment to something that occurred yesterday that was very, very special in the life of Life Pointe Church. After spending several months of completing paperwork, making application, being approved, doing an appraisal, getting insurance on both me and the building, and spending much time discussing and talking about plans and procedures, we were finally able to have our "closing" yesterday for a building on Williamson Road that will become the NEW home of Life Pointe Church! It's exciting...A Brand New Home for us! I still can't quite believe that it has taken place. Today I went back down to the bank to pick up the packet of info that Ginny and I signed yesterday at 9:40 am to make having a new church home a reality. It is scary somewhat yet exciting in other ways. But most of all it is a sign of God's faithfulness and blessing to grow us as He has over the past few years. We still have things to do and details to work out with the architect's office and getting applications filled in and such with the city planner's office but at least...We Now Own A Building! God is good!