October 3, 2015

Today the ladies that is Janet, Karen, Becky, and Ginny plus Lindsey and her sisters and Mom all went to the Extraordinary Women's Conference right here in Roanoke at the Civic Center. Even with the constant rain that we are having I pray they will be blessed with such people at Tim Hawkins, Max Lucado, and Mercy Me all being there to help bless and encourage the ladies.
Well I can't believe I finally figured out how to post something again! Seems like it goes straight through sometimes and then at other times I just can't find the "NEW POST" anywhere on the site. But I have tried, so while it has been awhile since I have posted...at least I have been trying to keep track of some of the things that have been happening at Life Pointe Church. So with that said...Wow! That's just all I can say is WOW! God continues to grow us and use us in ways that I just didn't know HE would do. For example, just a couple weeks ago we baptized 5 people and while that alone was just great, going to Wasena Park to do that proved instrumental in God seeing that a 6th person was baptized. After baptizing our five people, Russ and Angie Meadwell; Trish Wright; Evelyn Harris, and Susan Overstreet, we then had a total stranger come up and say he wanted to be baptized. His name was Ronnie Mullins and while he seemed to be a person that may have lived on the streets, he seemed very sincere in wanting to be baptized. I asked him if he had asked Jesus into his heart and he nodded yes and then I asked him if he knew he was forgiven of his sins and he again said yes, so I wanted to make sure that he didn't think baptism saved him but knew for sure that Jesus did. Turns out someone later said he had been watching us the whole time and was just crying and waiting his turn at the end. God must have spoken to him in a big way for when I asked him if he was ready, he walked straight into the water with his street clothes, shoes, and everything on, not caring if they got soaked or not. So God is at work in our hearts and in the hearts of others too. Trish, one of the ones to get baptized, is coming with her husband Perry and now their son Trai is also attending our services and they are a blessing. Again to show how God works, we had been going to Long John Silver's for a long time and it is there where we met Trish and Perry. One night Trish just sat down and we talked about the Lord and attending church and so it seemed God had been preparing her for that talk. Turns out she and Perry started coming on Easter and haven't missed a time yet except for a family reunion so God is growing us with folks close by and with folks we don't even know. I am amazed that he used me as a church planter and pastor for I still am learning and growing myself. His grace is good and His mercy is new every morning!