June 1, 2015

Continued Blessing!

Has it really been almost a year or so since my last post? I think it was October of last year....and now it's the first day of June 2015! I am so glad we have memories of past events and so that's another reason I try to keep up with my blog but I am getting worse and worse on doing that....sham on me. I so want to say thanks to the Lord for a fantastic day at Life Pointe today and it seems He is really touching hearts and changing lives so I thank Him deeply for that. And our son James Andrew Moser married Lindsey Nicole Narmour yesterday so it is so wonderful to see Andy with his brand new wife. It was a great day! So things are changing both in our family and our church family. Folks are visiting us and God is visiting us by bringing people in that truly need a change in their lives. I am just thankful and humble He uses us.  I didn't record it here on the blog like I should have but another reason God saw fit to put us right where we are on Williamson Road was so we could minister to the Harris family whose son Todd had cancer and is now with Jesus.  I had no idea that God had us move in so I could talk with Todd to make sure he knew Jesus, eventually come to know and marry Todd with his wife Evelyn and even preach the funeral where several hundred firemen would be present. It is just so amazing to see God's Hand unfold sometimes and let us see what His plan is, especially since we had no idea that is what it was going to be from the beginning.  God is awesome and amazes me with the way He works things through. So until next time....I just want to say thanks be to the One who has us right where He wants us and am thankful He continues to bless and use us just all the time!