February 22, 2009

Monthly Movie Madness!

Well, we have just returned from our February 21, Monthly Movie Madness and God blessed us with a nice size crowd of almost 50 people with about 25 or so adults and 25 or so children! It was a very nice time and Ginny gets the MVP award because while Andy showed the movie and Ashlely served popcorn, and I wondered around making sure everything was ok, Ginny had around 25 children, (all by herself!) in the library, showing a seperate movie for the kids! We showed the movie FIREPROOF and it seemed to be well received by everyone and I had several folks tell me as they left that they liked it very much and thought it was good! And Ginny said the kids she had liked "The Retrievers" a movie about some dogs that didn't want to leave the home they lived in, so all in all everyone seemed to have a good time and God blessed us with some folks whom we have never had before and I got to speak to a few of my former students from RVCS that I taught years ago. That was encouraging to me too, since they seemed to be going to church and seeking God's will for their lives, so it's nice to have former students visiting me to see how I am doing and to be living for the Lord. So, all in all, God blessed us richly today!

February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day!

In a few days as we celebrate Valetine's Day, I am reminded that lately we have been able to show the love of God in several ways to people, some that we know, and others who are still somewhat strangers to us, but either way, the love of God will prayerfully make a difference in their lives. Ginny took clothes and a t.v. we had in the basement over to the apartment of a little girl who goes to her school. Her family moved here from Nepal and was so grateful and thankful for the things we brought to them. They didn't really have too much, so anything was appreciated and the little girl's eyes lit up just to receive the slightly used clothes that another family wanted to donate. So whether it's helping a neighbor or giving clothes to a little student, we are seeing opportunites to show God's love, or to celebrate Valentine's Day almost everyday.

February 6, 2009

Keep Pressing On!

It's now February 6th and I continue to pray and look for God's leading on perhaps doing a trial run on a Sunday service sometime in the next month or so. And I am really looking forward to showing the movie: FIREPROOF on February 21, just two weeks away. I continue to speak to folks about helping with a service and talking to some potential attendees on Facebook, so it's just no telling what God has in store, but we are staying busy and faithful and praying that God does things in just the timing and fashion that HE wants to do them, for afterall, I know that's the best and only way to be a blessing to others!

February 1, 2009

Monthly Movie Madness!

I just ordered some new postcards to use for Life Pointe Church so we could invite folks to M3 Night or Monthly Movie Madness as we call it! The new cards are sort of red and bright and hopefully will grab people's attention. If we mail them out to folks, then even the people at the Post Office will probably notice them being such a bright color. And I hope to hand them out to the surrounding neighbors of Huff-Lane School. With the warmer weather approaching I really do hope more people will start coming to the movies and to our weekly Bible Study on Tuesday nights. So, onward we go, planting the church that God has called us to plant! Praise the Lord!