February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day!

In a few days as we celebrate Valetine's Day, I am reminded that lately we have been able to show the love of God in several ways to people, some that we know, and others who are still somewhat strangers to us, but either way, the love of God will prayerfully make a difference in their lives. Ginny took clothes and a t.v. we had in the basement over to the apartment of a little girl who goes to her school. Her family moved here from Nepal and was so grateful and thankful for the things we brought to them. They didn't really have too much, so anything was appreciated and the little girl's eyes lit up just to receive the slightly used clothes that another family wanted to donate. So whether it's helping a neighbor or giving clothes to a little student, we are seeing opportunites to show God's love, or to celebrate Valentine's Day almost everyday.

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