November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night for our Bible Study we had some really nice goodies like: ham biscuits, twice baked- potatoes, green beans with almonds, cherry pie, chocolate cake, and then a good study which reminded us to always pray before we do anything, especially anything BIG. The Andy Griffith episode which is about Barney buying a car, but not taking time to inquire about it before buying it and instead letting his emotions make the decision for him, just reminded us that we do the same thing sometimes. We picked a couple of passages of scripture, one about Joshua and the Gibeonites, where Joshua and his men did not inquire of the Lord before they made their decision thus making a big mistake and being made to look sort of foolish; and then we looked at another passage of Scripture in II Chronicles 20:3 where Jeshoshaphat the King learned he was about to be attacked, yet with time drawing near, he still took the time to inquire of the Lord for guidance and help. The lesson was simple, things turned out great for one and bad for the other, so just like Barney and buying the car, we need to seek guidance from both friends and God to make the best choices in our lives. God continues to bless us as we plant His church, and it's exciting to watch!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night for our Bible Study we had some goodies like: ham biscuits, twice baked potatoes; green beans with almonds,

November 18, 2008

Tuesday Night Bible Study!

Even though we were a little fewer in numbers tonight, we still had a good Bible Study and enjoyed talking about, seeking God's advice even though it is sometimes tough to take. We watched the episode of Andy Griffith that was "Aunt Bee and The Medicine Man" where Anut Bee was feeling a little low, so rather than go see Doc Andrews, she instead took the advice of Colonel Havey who was selling Indian Eilixer or Tonic to help folks feel young and have more pep. What it turned out to do was "give you a buzz" as Andy found out and by the end of the episode, Aunt Bee learned the same thing. So finally she ended up going to Doc Andrews and seeking wisdom from someone who was trustworthy. The lesson is simple: God is who we need to go to and seek wisdon from, but instead we call on friends, try things that aren't too good for us, and when we finally learn the hard way, then we ask God what He thinks. We could learn a lot from Aunt Bee......go to the right source when we are feeling low or need help and the right source is the Master Physician who can help us feel better and do it the right way. Have a good week!

Good Movie Night!

I felt this past movie night was really about the best one we have had so far! The first one we ever had was exciting and it was neat to see how God finally brought about our vision to start reaching out to the community with some events that would encouarage the neighbors and to let them know a new church is on the way, but it's just that this past Saturday night's movie ran about as smoothly as it could. Last month's movie may have had more people but it just seemed like there was too much comotion going on with people getting up and down, going to the bathroom and parents dropping off their kids and wanting us to keep up with them. (Which we really hadn't planned on doing) But this time, the parents stayed and the younger ones behaved better and it just seemed like I was able to share the fact that we are a church, and we are there to remind folks about Jesus, and I was able to give away more Gospels of John than I ever had. It just seemed like the people were more interested and receptive this time, so Praise the Lord!

November 12, 2008

One Week Later!

Well, here it is one week later from election day and while I was hoping there would be a lot more at our Bible Study last night, it was still a good time! Ginny and I handed out over 125 candy bars on election day telling folks about Life Pointe Church and about the weekly Tuesday night Bible study, and about the movie that we show every third Saturday of the month. So with all those candy bars going out, I thought we might see a few visitors for last night's study, but still it was ok, we had 13 people and I thought God blessed out time. We talked about how God loves us, has a plan for us, and no matter how we feel, He still has us made in a special way for a special purpose. We watched an Andy Griffith episode about "Cousin Virgil" who seemed to say the words "I'm sorry" quite a lot and seemed to have a lot of "accidents" or things he messed up. But I pointed out that all of us are sort of like Cousin Virgil when it comes to God, in that we all have messed up a lot and all need to say "I'm sorry". When we do that, God gives us forgiveness reminds us that we are special to Him and helps us find our purpose. Good reminders for all of us desiring to serve the Lord!

November 4, 2008

A Victory On Election Day!

No matter how anyone looks at the end results of any of the political races, I still think there was a major victory today on this Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, Election Day! Why? Well this morning at about 8:00 am I went to the Elementary School, (Huff-Lane) where my wife works, where we both vote, and where we are currently holding our Bible studies every Tuesday night. I give all the credit to the Lord who gave me an amazing idea last week while I was out walking my kitty cat Tory one night. The Lord gave me this idea: why not sit up a table or tent at the school and give out information about Life Pointe Church as voters come to the school to vote? I thought "wow, what a great idea!" It make perfect sense! The people who come to vote, have to live close by the school or they wouldn't be voting, thus they would be close enough to be potential members or visitors to Life Pointe! So this morning, at about 8:00 am I went to the school, (my wife was there at 5:30 am to work a PTA bake sale, so we both were there with a purpose) and I sit up a tent, began to hand out candy bars to folks passing by, and not only did I share my heart, info about the church, and future events, but I was even able to invite them to the Bible study that was tonight! the end of the day about 5:30 or so, we had handed out over 125 candy bars that my wife Ginny had carefully taped little notes about the church to, thus giving us a good conversation piece and a valuable (and chocolatey) way of giving out info, but more importantly had planted about 125 seeds for the Lord to bring to harvest! See what I mean about a victory? I really don't know how many will come to Life Pointe in future weeks and months, but I feel we were faithful today in following what God told us to do, and we got out more info about the church, had more meaningful conversations, and planted more seeds for God to water and harvest that we could have in months and months or knocking on doors in the neighborhood. God is so good and I praise Him for the idea, for the opportunity to share, and for the results He will bless us with in the future! It's exciting and I can't wait to see the harvest!