November 18, 2008

Good Movie Night!

I felt this past movie night was really about the best one we have had so far! The first one we ever had was exciting and it was neat to see how God finally brought about our vision to start reaching out to the community with some events that would encouarage the neighbors and to let them know a new church is on the way, but it's just that this past Saturday night's movie ran about as smoothly as it could. Last month's movie may have had more people but it just seemed like there was too much comotion going on with people getting up and down, going to the bathroom and parents dropping off their kids and wanting us to keep up with them. (Which we really hadn't planned on doing) But this time, the parents stayed and the younger ones behaved better and it just seemed like I was able to share the fact that we are a church, and we are there to remind folks about Jesus, and I was able to give away more Gospels of John than I ever had. It just seemed like the people were more interested and receptive this time, so Praise the Lord!

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