November 12, 2008

One Week Later!

Well, here it is one week later from election day and while I was hoping there would be a lot more at our Bible Study last night, it was still a good time! Ginny and I handed out over 125 candy bars on election day telling folks about Life Pointe Church and about the weekly Tuesday night Bible study, and about the movie that we show every third Saturday of the month. So with all those candy bars going out, I thought we might see a few visitors for last night's study, but still it was ok, we had 13 people and I thought God blessed out time. We talked about how God loves us, has a plan for us, and no matter how we feel, He still has us made in a special way for a special purpose. We watched an Andy Griffith episode about "Cousin Virgil" who seemed to say the words "I'm sorry" quite a lot and seemed to have a lot of "accidents" or things he messed up. But I pointed out that all of us are sort of like Cousin Virgil when it comes to God, in that we all have messed up a lot and all need to say "I'm sorry". When we do that, God gives us forgiveness reminds us that we are special to Him and helps us find our purpose. Good reminders for all of us desiring to serve the Lord!

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