September 24, 2013

Here I am again, giving praise to the Lord and just being amazed at how God works things out for the prayerfully close, moving in, of our new church building on 4624 Williamson Road. I just couldn't bring myself to signing the contract without first running it past my Life Pointe Leadership Team. So I did and then with their input and what I felt in my heart to go along with it, I wanted to seek some folks to give the building a good looking over and tell me what they thought. While I didn't think they would find anything wrong and was hoping they wouldn't find anything wrong, I still had to have them look. And so I called Steve Love, our missionary friend soon going to Zimbabwe and asked him to come by and check out the finance and air-conditioning. He called me back after I had left a message and said he was working in the area, but I didn't realize how close it was until he showed up the next morning. And then on Monday morning the Lord brought another friend to mind, John Fralin, who I feel has great experience with building since either he owns many of them, has had a hand in building them, or knows a lot about them.  So I thought of him and actually looked up his number; then I couldn't find it; then I called a number in the book of John Fralin but it turned out to be his cousin thus was a wrong number. Then I remember Kate and Joey had previously rented from him. So I called Kate, then Joey, and finally Kate again and she gave me his number. While all that may have taken a few minutes, I then saw God's perfect timing in His prompting me to call John. As I called and as his phone was ringing, and as he answered it, I told him I would appreciate it if he could go by and look at a building for me that I was hoping would be our new church.  When I told him the address, John said, "I'm driving by it right now...I'll pull in the parking lot and be waiting on you." How is that for God's timing? And then while John and I were looking over the building, I was thinking "I told Steve Love I would be waiting at the house for his call, so I wonder how I can get him word and tell him where I am?" And so then, God answered that prayer too, in that Steve pulled in while John and I were on the roof of the building.  God is just so good sometimes to give us what we need and what He wants us to have.  Both men looked through the building and while most things looked good, I am praying that the bathroom doors past the building inspection since they may have to be a little wider for handicap accessibility. I barely made it to school on time but it was a great morning! And then that afternoon I went downtown to see if I could speak to a building inspector. At first I couldn't but then one came in that talked with me and when I said, "I'm a man of prayer especially since I am a church planter and driver's ed. teacher!" he said, my daughter is going to have to take that soon. When I asked him where his daughter went to school, he replied "Salem High School" so how cool is that that his daughter will probably be one of my students next semester. God again just amazes then today I finally spoke with an architect who I am going to meet with on Friday, September 27, at 8:00 am to see how many changes we may have to do with the building. This too is a blessing in that I spoke with a teacher from Salem, Sarah Gerroll, who happens to be going to a church plant in Salem whose pastor is Scott Hamilton. So when I told her what I was going to do, she was very helpful and when I told her I need an architect, she said Mr. Gerroll, her father in law, knew someone who was a strong believer who was an architect, so I then asked Bill Gerroll to call her and he did and she emailed me today and I called her right back. So, again, I just can't believe how God puts people in our lives to bring about His will. God is so good!

September 8, 2013

I forgot to mention in my previous post that not only did we finally get our appraisal this past Tuesday, but then Jim and I were able to go over and get the remainder of the chairs we bought from Calvary Chapel on this past Friday as well.  It took us about 2 hours but even though it was hot and muggy and tiring, it was just so good again to get a job completed and be reminded of how God brings things about. His orchestration of how He left Brian see the offer on Craig's list on a Friday night; Brian lets me know Saturday morning; I call the man at Calvary; and then Ginny and I go over to actually see the chairs after getting a time set up with the seller. Then Ben and I went over to pick up the first load, a number of 50 chairs, and then here a few weeks later, Jim and I going over to pick up not another 50 but actually another 56! Turns out the seller had a few more than he thought he had. So God continues to bless and we continue to get ready for the move! It's an exciting time to be at Life Pointe Church! God is definitely Good!
Wow, what a good service today! I shared with the Life Pointe Family about our appraisal being received and it being the exact amount of our loan application and what Gary, the owner, and I had already talked about, so it just seemed like once again God was right in the middle of what we were doing and it's always good to have God in all that we do! But it was exciting to finally have the appraisal received.  I must admit after talking to Debby Williams, the nice lady from the bank who called on Tuesday morning to tell me about the appraisal, that I was excited! I at first wanted the appraisal to be lower but then again, in God's wisdom, He gave me the exact amount that would cause the least strife or contention on getting approved. Since it was the amount already agreed on, there was no need to offer, counter offer, and all that sort of's done! So now we are working on the all the details, like transferring the deed, making up the contract, working on the building inspection stuff, and just all sorts of things. I must admit Tuesday I felt a bit overwhelmed on seeing all the things we had to do; but then as the week passed, God lifted the cloud of "overwhelmness" and gave me energy, vigor, and the courage to press on, for the end is in sight! Today's message of having something in common and being strong and courageous, just like God told Joshua to be, was encouraging to me. I felt like God was in the message and right in the middle of us. Hope it was ok to be blessed by my own preaching because I was; I say that somewhat jokingly but God did bless me today and I am again encouraged to keep pressing on because I know He is with me personally, with us as a church, and with us as a family as we continue to experience the journey He has us on. God is good!