May 22, 2012

Here it is, May 22nd, 2012 and I have been praying and thinking and having a good morning with the Lord.  I have some good ideas and thoughts for Sunday's message and it seems that God, in His amazing way, as usual, has blessed me with ideas and thoughts on how to convery His heart to others because His heart has first been conveyed to mine.  He is teaching me and speaking to me and for that I am grateful.  As He has blessed me, I want to write down some things before they escape my mind and so after I emailed Ginny and Andy and told them how much I love them and how they are a blessing to me, I then for some reason started looking at my email; which led to me looking at potential future sights for the church.  I still can't believe I am looking at property and buildings and picturing us as a church in those buildings.  I think to myself, "are we really ready for this?" or "can we really do this?" and then I just see God in all that we do now and remember that a few years ago, I wondered the same thing as we were launching and planting Life Pointe, and suddenly I realize, "sure we can do it" for we serve a mighty God is who Jehovah Jireh, our provider! It's just that it is scary sometimes and involves a lot of money, but once again, God can do it, and so I must practice what I preach and step out in faith and take a deep breath, and continue to walk in grace and faith, and with vision, watch the amazing things God accomplishes through those who have been called according to His purpose, and to those who are obedient to following His will.  It's exciting, and just like a little kid at Christmas, I look forward to opening the presents God has in store for us and to all those who are looking forward to His appearing!

May 12, 2012

New Responsiblities!

I must admit I am still learning a lot being a church planter and pastor.  This past week a neighbor who lives down the street but close to us came up to see us.  We really haven't talked a lot but do speak from time to time.  It has been awhile so I was somewhat surprised because we've never really been that close although we knew the parents of this woman and have talked to her and her husband a few times.  Most of the time I see her husband Randy, as I am walking our kitty cat Tory on his leash.  So while I have spoken to both Randy and Jane a few times, I must admit I don't know them a lot just to share a few bits of news from time to time.  But this time the news Jane brought was really completely shocking.  She came up, knocked on the door and the proceeded to tell us that Randy has stage 4 cancer.  That means he really doesn't have that long to live.  So I went to visit with him the other night and then have been back once since then.  I suppose that is the very first true visit I have made as a pastor to a person in the hospital.  It is a shame that the person is dying that I am visiting.  I want to make sure he knows Jesus for sure before he leaves this world, that's for sure but just to be in this place at this time, while it doesn't surprise Jesus, it does suprise me; but God gives grace and prayerfully I will make a difference. And to show the contrast of the above information....this afternoon I visited with a couple that want to be married so I conducted my first ever premartial counseling.....everything went very well so I was blessed and pleased.  God was with me or should I say "us" as we planned for the upcoming wedding, which is just in 3 weeks!  So from counseling in a hospital to counseling a couple wanting to be married God continues to grow me both as a pastor and a person; I hope and pray I mature the way HE wants me to and do the things successfully that He's called me to do.  God is good; may the adventure He's called me to....continue with His annointing and blessing!

May 3, 2012

It has once again been awhile since I have last posted, (Easter service, I believe), and so I wanted to jot down a few things, so to speak.  I think we are reaching a plateau at Life Pointe in that I feel God wants us to stretch ourselves and start doing somethings to further grow our church.  Even if it is just adding a nursery so the little ones can be in there while Ginny teaches those 5 and up will help tremendously.  Last week was the first time for our nursery, so we are already beginning to do things a little different and probably a little better.  As God leads, I want to listen and follow and then help our church to see the vision of where He wants to take us and where we need to go.  It's exciting, but a little scary, so Hebrews 11, reminds us to walk in faith and follow Him for without faith it is impossible to please God. I am exciting though and looking forward to the May series, which is appropriately titled:  LOOKING TO THE FUTURE!