August 30, 2010

God if Faithful!

Yesterday was a little tough for the first moments; as I entered Huff Lane School, the hallways were dark because we couldn't get the lights to come on. I guess they turned them off the other day but anyway, it first looked like we had no electricity....turns out we only had to find the breaker box and get the switch taken care of. But then upon entering the library, I was sort of taken back that all the tables and chairs were gone. I was starring into an empty room. Looked a little sad and dismal but I located some chairs in the library and soon had enough for our soon to be 21-person crowd that God was going to send out way. Besides our usual crew of me, Ginny, Andy, Ashley, Steve, Karen, and Matthew---we also added my sister Melanie, Emilly, Benjamin, and Rachel----and Benita was with us, along with my brother Tim, and Ben and Nicki, who have came to our services quite a lot, and Brian Nicely came and brought his family with him, including his in laws, so we had a good day with a lot in attendance. I am not sure what we will find next week but God does, so I will just talk to Him a lot this week and look to Him for His provision. Thanks Jesus.

August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Ginny!

With all the things that I wrote about just now in the last post, I somehow forgot to mention another blessing from the Lord and a chance to celebrate His goodness! Ginny's birthday was on August 23rd so we went to Liberty Station in Bedord and had a good time. And it rained as it usually does so we felt right at home. Since that was the first time we visited Liberty Station since it had been built back since it burned down, it was nice to go back to one of our favorite spots. I am blessed to have Ginny as a wife, friend, companion, and great encourager and worker for the church plant we have stepped out to establish, I sure couldn't do without her and her valuable help. And Ginny's day finished with Binita's family coming over again reminding me and Ginny that she is loved by a lot more people than just her family! Happy Birthday Ginny!

God Leads On!

Wow, once again I can't believe I have waited so long to blog some of the important things happening for Life Pointe Church! It seems every day or every week at least is both a challenge and a blessing. Consider the following items:
1. In May the Roanoke City School Board voted to close Huff Lane School.
2. The gym began to be filled with boxes limiting us to half the space.
3. The gym then began to be totally filled with boxes thus causing us to move to the library.
4. Jeff Ginn came to visit us on August 8th and speak to about 27 folks who were with us that day.
5. We had lunch after the service with Jeff Ginn and provided a 6 foot tasty sub for over 20 people! The fellowship was good and the day went very well!
6. With one week finding the LCD projector gone and then the next week finding the laptops gone, it seems every week something new was coming our way.
7. This past week for example, the furniture started leaving the library with the chairs being the first to go. So this week we may not even have a place to sit! I told you it was exciting!

But with all these "trying" times coming our way, the past Friday, on August 20th, I had a day that was just awesome and God directed! I met with a former student of mine during my RVCS days and we ended up being at McDonald's from 8:30 am until 2:05 pm!! It was great! Brian, the former student I was meeting with, later told me via the facebook route, that he felt like God was sitting at the table with us! I tend to agree! And then I prayed with someone when I was leaving and even was able to invite a couple to Movie night, and THEY CAME! So God was good and I had a great day!
So even now with all the driver's ed. stuff going on, it's good and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us. Sometimes, I wish I didn't even have to go back to the school routine because I want to do so much through Life Pointe Church, but then again, God has things in place, so I will stay where I am in some ways, but look to soar in new ways with Him! Well it's time to get ready for tomorrow's message, so I'll close, anticipating yet another good day, week, and life, as I live for the One who gave His all for me!