December 20, 2010

Liberty University Degree!

I can't believer it but I just sent in my last, my final, my absolute closing assignment for my LU classes, thus I have FINISHED the requirements for my degree!!! Hallelujah! God, you are so good to me! Thank you! Help me please now to remember and use wisely all the good things I have learned! It's seems like only yesterday that I was taking that first Intensive class in January of 2009! Now here I am, two years later....finishing! Thank you Lord for all your help! And to think back in December of 1996 and on the 20th of that month too...I completed my first Master's Degree from Radford! So it looks like the 2oth of December is the date for Master's! I am so glad I am finshed and it will probably sink in tomorrow a little more but right now since it's 3:32 am, I am going to bed! Thanks again, Jesus! Praise Your Wonderful Name! Amen!

December 13, 2010

God Continues to Bless!

I can't believe it's been several weeks since my last post! I should be on here every day thanking the Lord for His continued blessings! We have had such a good group the last few weeks! Yesterday for example was a cold, cold day here in December and I thought we would have a small crowd but instead God brought 24 people our way! That means we have had 23, 19, 24, and 24 for the past 4 weeks! Again, I feel our move to Round Hill was all in God's timing and it looks like He is blessing our faith in moving! Richie was able to be with us yesterday and played one of his songs for us so I thought that was great. And then he was kind enough to give several CD's of his out to those folks who wanted them, all for free. With Christmas only 12 days away, (it's hard to believe it's that close!) I want our first Christmas at Life Pointe to be a special one, so I am praying that God shows Himself mighty and all of us are drawn closer to Him especially at this time of the year. "I love you Lord...and I lift my voice to worship you all my soul rejoice...take joy my King in what you hear, may it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear."