December 20, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Wow, I cannot believe it has snowed almost a foot in the last couple of days! Starting late Friday afternoon it started snowing and continued to snow until it snowed most of the evening and unto the night until it amassed a total of 10 inches or so. Of course Friday was the night we had planned our big outreach event. We usually have a movie on the third Friday of the month and call it 3M Night which stands normally for Monthly Movie Madness but in the case of this month we were going to call it 3M Night for MEAL, MESSAGE, and a MOVIE. So we were really looking for an exciting evening and hopefully getting the word out so we could perhaps gain some more people for the new year. But then again God couldn't have been more clearer when he dumped about a foot of snow on us so when we had to cancel our event, that was ok, I know God must have a better time for us to have a big 3M Night! Maybe January is a better month, so if that's the month God wants, then that suits me just fine! God also gave me and Andy time to finish out school work due for Liberty University by bringing the snow so He is so good especially when it couldn't be anything or anybody but Him, and when it snows a foot, that has to be God!