June 15, 2012

I forgot to make mention in my last post about performing Josh and Holly's Wedding in Floyd on June 2nd! The ceremony went really well and God blessed us with a great day!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the ceremony and the reception afterwards and things went very smooth!  For my first wedding I couldn't have asked for a better couple than Josh and Holly!  They were very nice and very sweet to listen to my counseling sessions for three Saturdays in a row and then were very kind and encouraging treating us to a delicious dinner the night before the wedding at a nice resturant in Floyd right across from the church.  So the whole experience was just great and God once again blessed us richly!  I am learning...my first wedding!  Thank you Jesus for you help!

June 10, 2012

June Baptisms!

It is now hard to believe that last June, on June 6th to be exact, we baptized our first people at Life Pointe!  We baptized 6 people that day with Melanie, Emily, Benjamin, Maddie, Sarah, and Brain being those people.  Now just over year later....we baptized 3 more people...Beth, Jim, and Ben!  God is good!  With Joey being last September, God has now allowed be to baptize 10 folks in one year!  I would never have thought that a year ago!!  I am excited and there are even more on the way, so may God continue to bless us and use us to be a shining light on the hill at Round Hill Elementary School! Thank you Jesus!  Last Sunday I had a super prayer time with the Lord which lasted an hour and a half! When finished, it made the difference for a good week.  Although I didn't feel super physcially on Wednesday, June 6th, Ginny, Andy, and I all enjoy a trip to the Liberty Station to celebrate 31 years together!  Again, God is good!