December 31, 2012

Hallelujah! I say that for not only what God has been doing but also for finally being able to post something on my blogpage! It seems it takes forever every time I want to post something.  Maybe that's why I am so slow in posting, I probably don't want to go through all the hassel to finally get to the page! But anyway, here I am and since my last post of the first part of December, we have again experienced some first at Life Pointe Church.  One of the biggest "firsts" was the fact my son James Andrew Moser was ordained on December 12, 2012! So on Wednesday night, 12/12/12, I had the privilege and blessing of preaching my own son's ordination service.  It was both touching and an honor to speak and share some things with those who showed us for the service.  I don't get a chance to brag on Andy too much and he doesn't want me to very much either, but this was good to show Andy that we all are very proud of him, love him, and that God is going to take care of him even when things are tough.  And then our Life Pointe Christmas program was last week, so I was appreciative of having the largest number of people ever, at Life Pointe...59 which is now our new record!  God is good.  And now here is it New Year's Eve and the edge of starting a new year! It is my Mom's birthday so I think of her and I also wonder just what all God is going to do and has planned for us this upcoming year! Who knows, but as the Bible says, the righteous will live by faith! so may the New Year 2013, begin!

December 4, 2012

Here I am again waiting far too long before I write a post on the amzing things God is doing at Life Pointe Church!  My last post was on September 20 and here is it December 4th! I can't believe I have waited 2 and half months to write something! First of all, on my last post I said I was looking forward to baptizing 8 or 9 people....turns out it was....10 people! 10 People!! I can remember when we first started Life Pointe that I thought "if I can just baptize one person...." and here it is 2 years later that I was blessed to baptize 10 people! As many as we had baptized up to that point!! That now makes a total of 20 people since June of 2011; let's see that's 20 people in 15 months! God is amazing! I know we are not suppose to talk about numbers too much because it's the Lord's work that is important not necessarily the numbers, but while numbers are the most important, I sure don't want to hesitate in giving God all the credit in continuing to show His hand upon Life Pointe.  We couldn't do it without His Hand of blessing on I think it's ok to be excited especially since there is no doubt where the growth and numbers are coming from! It's God!  The next blessing I wanted to make sure and record so as I later look back on this blog page that I will remember when God started giving us more and more people...we have now been averaging over 40 people for the past 2 months with 45 people being there this past Sunday.  We when had over 40 people a week or two, I thought, "my, it would be great to have this happen more and "wow" it a matter of fact it happened about 5 or 6 weeks in a row before our attendance went below 30 so God is again blessing us and bringing in people who had never heard of Life Pointe Church a few weeks ago or a few months ago.  We have had a visitor this past Sunday and then the Sunday before that...and it just seems like those who attend are now bringing their friends and what better way to grow a church than by our own folks telling their friends how good God is blessing us.  I use to wonder, "when are we going to see us grow,?" and lo and behold it is happening right before my eyes and there is just no telling what number of people we are going to end up with.  I also know that if God does nothing else than what He has done already but I am so glad He is not finished with us yet and I know that He's got much more in store for us!  We just fnished a series on Missions with my neighbor Steve Love coming up with His family this past Sunday sharing what his goal is and where He is planningn to go by next June.  It was a good Sunday for all of us!  So now, it's may we all see Jesus in a way that we have never seen Him before.  I love you Jesus, thank you so much for blessing us at Life Pointe!

September 20, 2012

I am looking forward to baptizing 8 or 9 people this coming Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 at Life Pointe Church! It is indeed exciting! God is blessing.  I must admit the last time we baptized a few people I thought "I sure hope God give us more people; I don't want it to be too long before we are baptizing some more people who have made a serious decision of living for Jesus!' and then 'lo and behold, here we are a few months later baptizing almost as many as we have altogether, so God is amazing!  Thank you Jesus for all you do! Both in me, in our church, and in the lives of those who love you!  Thank you!

September 11, 2012

With so many things happening at Life Pointe Church, I just feel like I could have a post on the blog page everyday!  I feel bad that I don't but when things get busy, I must admit the blog page is not my first priority!  I need to write more though, I know... this past weekend we had a camp reunion at Tapawingo in Tennessee and it was fun and it was all Andy's idea to get it going.  People were pleased and it was nice to see old friends and walk down memory lane with those who came out for the Camp Reunion.  I know one day we will look back at the things that have occured at Life Pointe and do the same thing.  We have had 41, 42, and 42 for our attendance numbers this past 3 weeks! That's exciting!  God is doing a work and I am just so glad He lets me be a part of it!  I also have 6 people ready to be baptized on September 23rd which will be an excellent birthday present for me since my birthday is the day before.  With VBS being blessed by the Lord we have gained about 8 to 10 new young people who just keep coming back and wanting to be a part of the church.  God is so good and I am thrilled but somewhat a little nervous in that I want to make sure I take good care of those who God has entrusted to me and to all of us at Life Pointe Church.  This past Sunday we made history somewhat in that we had to  have 3 different groups for our young people, so that was great! I pray God continues to bless and to bring the workers we need to take care of those He has brought!

August 13, 2012

Hallelujah!  I say that for a couple of reasons! One is to finally be able to post on my Life Pointe Blogpage!  I seem to always forget what the email address is or what the password is, so it's so hard to post something when I can't remember that essential to posting "stuff"! But finally I got it to my page so I wanted to make sure and post a few things that have transpared in the last little bit!  On August 4rh, just over a week ago, (today's Sunday the 12th) I performed only my second wedding, and that was with Joey and Kate Patterson! It was a nice wedding the backyard of Joey's mom, who lives in Salem.  I was glad to marry Joey and Kate and to see them continue with their committment both to each other and to Jesus!  And then there's what happened this past weekend.  I should probably make this a seperate post but I will go ahead and tag it on to this one.  This past week we got a suprise in that we were told that we couldn't have our planned VBS in Round Hill Elementary School and not only couldn't have the VBS on Saturday but couldn't have our church service today, the 12th of August or even next week, the 19th of August!  So satan tried to shut us down both for our planned VBS and for our church services...but God is greater and instead of shutting down, we had VBS and....saw several make decisions for Jesus!  So PRAISE the LORD! We had victory over the devils plans and saw God work in the hearts of the kids we had attend VBS this past Saturday! We also had a group of very nice people come up from Williamsburg to help us.  They were the guys from Smith Memorial Baptist Church and were so nice to sacrifice their weekend starting on Friday evening, then all day Saturday practically, and then worship with us this morning on Sunday!  So with all the goings on, God worked and it was so neat to see the kids who made decisions for VBS come to church this morning and even tonight for our Sunday Night Movie Time!'s been busy for the past while, but God is mighty and let 3 different churches work to bring glory to Himself! Amazing!

June 15, 2012

I forgot to make mention in my last post about performing Josh and Holly's Wedding in Floyd on June 2nd! The ceremony went really well and God blessed us with a great day!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the ceremony and the reception afterwards and things went very smooth!  For my first wedding I couldn't have asked for a better couple than Josh and Holly!  They were very nice and very sweet to listen to my counseling sessions for three Saturdays in a row and then were very kind and encouraging treating us to a delicious dinner the night before the wedding at a nice resturant in Floyd right across from the church.  So the whole experience was just great and God once again blessed us richly!  I am first wedding!  Thank you Jesus for you help!

June 10, 2012

June Baptisms!

It is now hard to believe that last June, on June 6th to be exact, we baptized our first people at Life Pointe!  We baptized 6 people that day with Melanie, Emily, Benjamin, Maddie, Sarah, and Brain being those people.  Now just over year later....we baptized 3 more people...Beth, Jim, and Ben!  God is good!  With Joey being last September, God has now allowed be to baptize 10 folks in one year!  I would never have thought that a year ago!!  I am excited and there are even more on the way, so may God continue to bless us and use us to be a shining light on the hill at Round Hill Elementary School! Thank you Jesus!  Last Sunday I had a super prayer time with the Lord which lasted an hour and a half! When finished, it made the difference for a good week.  Although I didn't feel super physcially on Wednesday, June 6th, Ginny, Andy, and I all enjoy a trip to the Liberty Station to celebrate 31 years together!  Again, God is good! 

May 22, 2012

Here it is, May 22nd, 2012 and I have been praying and thinking and having a good morning with the Lord.  I have some good ideas and thoughts for Sunday's message and it seems that God, in His amazing way, as usual, has blessed me with ideas and thoughts on how to convery His heart to others because His heart has first been conveyed to mine.  He is teaching me and speaking to me and for that I am grateful.  As He has blessed me, I want to write down some things before they escape my mind and so after I emailed Ginny and Andy and told them how much I love them and how they are a blessing to me, I then for some reason started looking at my email; which led to me looking at potential future sights for the church.  I still can't believe I am looking at property and buildings and picturing us as a church in those buildings.  I think to myself, "are we really ready for this?" or "can we really do this?" and then I just see God in all that we do now and remember that a few years ago, I wondered the same thing as we were launching and planting Life Pointe, and suddenly I realize, "sure we can do it" for we serve a mighty God is who Jehovah Jireh, our provider! It's just that it is scary sometimes and involves a lot of money, but once again, God can do it, and so I must practice what I preach and step out in faith and take a deep breath, and continue to walk in grace and faith, and with vision, watch the amazing things God accomplishes through those who have been called according to His purpose, and to those who are obedient to following His will.  It's exciting, and just like a little kid at Christmas, I look forward to opening the presents God has in store for us and to all those who are looking forward to His appearing!

May 12, 2012

New Responsiblities!

I must admit I am still learning a lot being a church planter and pastor.  This past week a neighbor who lives down the street but close to us came up to see us.  We really haven't talked a lot but do speak from time to time.  It has been awhile so I was somewhat surprised because we've never really been that close although we knew the parents of this woman and have talked to her and her husband a few times.  Most of the time I see her husband Randy, as I am walking our kitty cat Tory on his leash.  So while I have spoken to both Randy and Jane a few times, I must admit I don't know them a lot just to share a few bits of news from time to time.  But this time the news Jane brought was really completely shocking.  She came up, knocked on the door and the proceeded to tell us that Randy has stage 4 cancer.  That means he really doesn't have that long to live.  So I went to visit with him the other night and then have been back once since then.  I suppose that is the very first true visit I have made as a pastor to a person in the hospital.  It is a shame that the person is dying that I am visiting.  I want to make sure he knows Jesus for sure before he leaves this world, that's for sure but just to be in this place at this time, while it doesn't surprise Jesus, it does suprise me; but God gives grace and prayerfully I will make a difference. And to show the contrast of the above information....this afternoon I visited with a couple that want to be married so I conducted my first ever premartial counseling.....everything went very well so I was blessed and pleased.  God was with me or should I say "us" as we planned for the upcoming wedding, which is just in 3 weeks!  So from counseling in a hospital to counseling a couple wanting to be married God continues to grow me both as a pastor and a person; I hope and pray I mature the way HE wants me to and do the things successfully that He's called me to do.  God is good; may the adventure He's called me to....continue with His annointing and blessing!

May 3, 2012

It has once again been awhile since I have last posted, (Easter service, I believe), and so I wanted to jot down a few things, so to speak.  I think we are reaching a plateau at Life Pointe in that I feel God wants us to stretch ourselves and start doing somethings to further grow our church.  Even if it is just adding a nursery so the little ones can be in there while Ginny teaches those 5 and up will help tremendously.  Last week was the first time for our nursery, so we are already beginning to do things a little different and probably a little better.  As God leads, I want to listen and follow and then help our church to see the vision of where He wants to take us and where we need to go.  It's exciting, but a little scary, so Hebrews 11, reminds us to walk in faith and follow Him for without faith it is impossible to please God. I am exciting though and looking forward to the May series, which is appropriately titled:  LOOKING TO THE FUTURE! 

April 9, 2012

Exciting Easter!

Well, here it is April 9th, the day after Easter, and I have to post if for no other reason just to say how gratefull I am to the Lord for how He continues to bless us at Life Pointe Church. Yesterday we had 44 people attend our Easter service which is the highest number we have ever had apart from our first baptism which had 50 people in attendance. God is so good! Everyone seemed to enjoy our early service which was a short devotion on the front lawn of the school at 9:30 and then our tasty foods which several prepared for our breakfast time. And then God blessed our main service with His presence and power to remind us all to be ready when He calls us home to be with Him forever. Ginny is so valuable as she continues to teach the kids, sometimes ranging in ages from 1 year to 13 years old. And Andy helps make the message come alive with some great powerpoint slides and videos. And God just brought us some people who had not been in a while and others for the first time, and still the regular attenders who seemed blessed and happy to be at the service. Several asked questions which shows God is at work and tugging on their hearts. May we continue to see folks saved, people's lives changed, and God's church to grow the want He wants it to. A great Easter service....!

March 10, 2012

New Things!

I still get excited, just like a little kid, when I get some new things in the mail! This past week I finally got some things in that I had ordered for the church and it was exciting to once again see some things with the Life Pointe Church name on them! I ordered some coffee mugs a few weeks ago with our name and logo on them and wanted to have some on hand as visitors come to see us at church. I also thought about letting them be part of an Easter present for our regular church attendees! My goal is to remind people of us so they'll pray for Life Pointe on a regular basis and also to encourage folks to know that Life Pointe is there for them to be encouraged and point their lives to Christ! Along with some bumper stickers, and some new banners I just ordered yesterday, I hope Easter is one of the best services we've seen yet, since planting Life Pointe! God is good and I look forward to a great spring time. By the way, today's temperature is probably in the 60's and so spring is on the way!

February 26, 2012

Last Sunday in February!

Good service at Life Pointe again today! God is blessing our efforts to learn the Old Testament with the Footers and Foundations series. Good numer too!...30 I believe.... God is good I find myself looking forward to next Sunday before this Sunday is over.....I love the Lord and the fact He's called me to lead and be the shepherd at Life Pointe! I'm truly blessed. Today marks our second communion; that too is such a blessing. God continues to bless and show Himself faithful.

February 20, 2012


Wow! If every snowday is like this past Sunday, I say (as the lyrics of that wintery song says), Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! God was just amazing this past Sunday! I mean He oftens blesses and touches hearts but this past Sunday, He just blessed my heart beyond measure! I love it when God encourages us and confirms that what we are doing is exactly what He wants us to do! I must admit with a predicted snowfall on the way, that I thought it might be a small crowd. And I try to be positive and optimistic but will admit it is a little tough, especially with snow on the way. But I had a great message planned and was ready to start our new series of Footers and Foundations and so I thought, "Lord, I'm ready to go, I sure hope the snow doesn't run folks off or keep them away!" So isn't it just like the Lord to honor that request and give us not only a good crowd but a great crowd of 34 people, one of the biggest we've ever had, and blessed us with the biggest offering we've ever had in the history of the church! Isn't God just amazing!! So we continue to see God's Hand upon us and the ministry of Life Pointe Church! Plus today I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the friends of Joey Patterson and we got to minister to this person for several hours and share what Christ can do in his life. So God gives us doors and we are going through them as He directs....may we continue to point lives to Christ!

February 16, 2012

God Is Good!

God continues to bless us at Life Pointe Church and show Himself often at our services and in the lives of those who attend. This past Sunday we finished our series of The Basics of Believing with our final sermon entitled CELEBRATION. This followed sermons entitled: Salvation; Baptism; Communion; and Membership. I hope I made things a little clearer and soon will ask folks to join Life Pointe. Some may be ready while others need more time, but at any rate, we are growing and seeing people respond to prompting of God's voice. It's exciting to see God work and just being a small part in that makes be feel blessed, happy, and honored. May we continue to see God work in our church and in our midst each week. This we start the series: F&F which stands for Footers and Foundations, a unique way to memorize the Old Testament with hand motions. It looks like an animated Sunday's service is in store for us! May we continue to see God bless!

February 8, 2012

2 Year Anniversary!

It's hard to believe that this coming Sunday will mark our 2 year anniversary at Life Pointe Church. So much has taken place this past year. Last June, marked the baptism of 6 people; July marked our taking 3 young ones to camp; August marked our very first VBS with Uncle Paul doing a Gospel Magic Show, plus having the Block Party Trailer from Liberty, plus the kids doing some tye-dyed t-shirts for crafts; September marked Back to Church Sunday with Joey being the 7th person to be baptized; then we had our very first Christmas program this past December; and then Kate accepting Christ on January 01, 2012, New Year's Day! And now here we are in February....who knows what God will do next, but I'm just happy, humbled, and blessed He lets us play a part in His great work!

February 3, 2012

Basketball Game!

I can't believe it; after most of the time being late recording our events and happenings on the blogspot, I am actually ahead of time for once! Tomorrow is the day we get to go to Liberty University and watch the Flames play a basketball game at the Vines Center. After going to 2 football games as a group, we are now going to our first basketball game. The first trip we had 3 folks; the second trip we took 7 and tomorrow we have 8 people signed up, so who knows, before too long, we may need a bus instead of a van to go to the games! I am just glad we are having some outreach events to enjoy as a church and giving us some time to be together out the walls of Life Pointe. It's neat to do things together, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow and to other future events for Life Pointe. And Ginny and the ladies are still having their Crave Bible study on Saturdays too, so we are staying busy but doing God's's exciting!

February 2, 2012

First Communion!

January 29, 2012 the date of our very first communion service and it went very well! God blessed us as we remembered what Christ did for us on Calvary. I always have enjoyed taking communion and this past Sunday was certainly no exception, as a matter of fact it was special to many of us because it was the first communion that some had ever taken. God is good; He has brought us so far since we first started out. God continues to lead,.....and in faith we continue to follow!

January 20, 2012

Continuing On!

Here it is January 20th and already the new month of the new year is flying by. I want to accomplish so much this year for the Lord and grow Life Pointe into a place God uses more and more. Ginny started a new life group this past Saturday, January 14th at 10:00 am at our house and the ladies are reading the book CRAVE which emphasized craving God the way we crave food. It got off to a good start with Janet, Karen, Misty, and Beth all joining Ginny for the study. I would like to do something similar with the men, but maybe it will take a little longer to nail something down. But God is again working at Life Pointe and I want us to grow and I want to brag on God but yet I know to remain humble for that's who He blesses. It is exciting to see God's Hand upon us though! And so this Sunday I will continue the series about Basics of Believing as we talk about baptism which follows up the salvation message from last Sunday. And then I want us to work towards taking communion the last Sunday of this month. I am looking forward to it and am excited to again anticipate experiencing God working among us!

January 1, 2012

God Saves Another One!

Although I am often slow in typing on the church blog spot or in adding what God is doing afresh and anew in the life of Life Pointe Church, I MUST add this entry today! Today, after the service someone with tears in her eyes, admited she no longer wanted to be the person she was and no longer wanted to continue to carry around the burdens that she had for so long. So with a tender and genuine willingness and eagerness to find the change, love, forgiveness, and peace that only God can bring, she asked Jesus to come into her heart and life. So thank you today Kate for being such a blessing to me and to all of us at Life Pointe Church. May we be the family that you need and deserve to grow in the grace of Jesus Christ. We love you! Wow! This is just the first day of the New Year and God is already showing Himself mighty....wonder what's coming next!