December 31, 2012

Hallelujah! I say that for not only what God has been doing but also for finally being able to post something on my blogpage! It seems it takes forever every time I want to post something.  Maybe that's why I am so slow in posting, I probably don't want to go through all the hassel to finally get to the page! But anyway, here I am and since my last post of the first part of December, we have again experienced some first at Life Pointe Church.  One of the biggest "firsts" was the fact my son James Andrew Moser was ordained on December 12, 2012! So on Wednesday night, 12/12/12, I had the privilege and blessing of preaching my own son's ordination service.  It was both touching and an honor to speak and share some things with those who showed us for the service.  I don't get a chance to brag on Andy too much and he doesn't want me to very much either, but this was good to show Andy that we all are very proud of him, love him, and that God is going to take care of him even when things are tough.  And then our Life Pointe Christmas program was last week, so I was appreciative of having the largest number of people ever, at Life Pointe...59 which is now our new record!  God is good.  And now here is it New Year's Eve and the edge of starting a new year! It is my Mom's birthday so I think of her and I also wonder just what all God is going to do and has planned for us this upcoming year! Who knows, but as the Bible says, the righteous will live by faith! so may the New Year 2013, begin!

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