December 4, 2012

Here I am again waiting far too long before I write a post on the amzing things God is doing at Life Pointe Church!  My last post was on September 20 and here is it December 4th! I can't believe I have waited 2 and half months to write something! First of all, on my last post I said I was looking forward to baptizing 8 or 9 people....turns out it was....10 people! 10 People!! I can remember when we first started Life Pointe that I thought "if I can just baptize one person...." and here it is 2 years later that I was blessed to baptize 10 people! As many as we had baptized up to that point!! That now makes a total of 20 people since June of 2011; let's see that's 20 people in 15 months! God is amazing! I know we are not suppose to talk about numbers too much because it's the Lord's work that is important not necessarily the numbers, but while numbers are the most important, I sure don't want to hesitate in giving God all the credit in continuing to show His hand upon Life Pointe.  We couldn't do it without His Hand of blessing on I think it's ok to be excited especially since there is no doubt where the growth and numbers are coming from! It's God!  The next blessing I wanted to make sure and record so as I later look back on this blog page that I will remember when God started giving us more and more people...we have now been averaging over 40 people for the past 2 months with 45 people being there this past Sunday.  We when had over 40 people a week or two, I thought, "my, it would be great to have this happen more and "wow" it a matter of fact it happened about 5 or 6 weeks in a row before our attendance went below 30 so God is again blessing us and bringing in people who had never heard of Life Pointe Church a few weeks ago or a few months ago.  We have had a visitor this past Sunday and then the Sunday before that...and it just seems like those who attend are now bringing their friends and what better way to grow a church than by our own folks telling their friends how good God is blessing us.  I use to wonder, "when are we going to see us grow,?" and lo and behold it is happening right before my eyes and there is just no telling what number of people we are going to end up with.  I also know that if God does nothing else than what He has done already but I am so glad He is not finished with us yet and I know that He's got much more in store for us!  We just fnished a series on Missions with my neighbor Steve Love coming up with His family this past Sunday sharing what his goal is and where He is planningn to go by next June.  It was a good Sunday for all of us!  So now, it's may we all see Jesus in a way that we have never seen Him before.  I love you Jesus, thank you so much for blessing us at Life Pointe!

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