December 20, 2010

Liberty University Degree!

I can't believer it but I just sent in my last, my final, my absolute closing assignment for my LU classes, thus I have FINISHED the requirements for my degree!!! Hallelujah! God, you are so good to me! Thank you! Help me please now to remember and use wisely all the good things I have learned! It's seems like only yesterday that I was taking that first Intensive class in January of 2009! Now here I am, two years later....finishing! Thank you Lord for all your help! And to think back in December of 1996 and on the 20th of that month too...I completed my first Master's Degree from Radford! So it looks like the 2oth of December is the date for Master's! I am so glad I am finshed and it will probably sink in tomorrow a little more but right now since it's 3:32 am, I am going to bed! Thanks again, Jesus! Praise Your Wonderful Name! Amen!

December 13, 2010

God Continues to Bless!

I can't believe it's been several weeks since my last post! I should be on here every day thanking the Lord for His continued blessings! We have had such a good group the last few weeks! Yesterday for example was a cold, cold day here in December and I thought we would have a small crowd but instead God brought 24 people our way! That means we have had 23, 19, 24, and 24 for the past 4 weeks! Again, I feel our move to Round Hill was all in God's timing and it looks like He is blessing our faith in moving! Richie was able to be with us yesterday and played one of his songs for us so I thought that was great. And then he was kind enough to give several CD's of his out to those folks who wanted them, all for free. With Christmas only 12 days away, (it's hard to believe it's that close!) I want our first Christmas at Life Pointe to be a special one, so I am praying that God shows Himself mighty and all of us are drawn closer to Him especially at this time of the year. "I love you Lord...and I lift my voice to worship you all my soul rejoice...take joy my King in what you hear, may it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear."

November 21, 2010

Round Hill Services!

God continues to bless us at Round Hill Elementary School! It was a good service today as we talked about those people who were atheists who came to know Christ. They included: Alistair McGrath, Lee Stroble, Charles Duke, and.............Saul or as we now know him, the Apostle Paul. I tried to remind everyone that they must have had a Damascus Road experience or else they might not know the Lord. And God will use different ways to grab out attention. But God was there and hearts were touched, so it was good. I look forward to what God is going to do with us and for us, and through us. Happy Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for!

November 15, 2010

New Location at Round Hill Elementary

Our new location is proving to be a good change for us even though I was dreading it for so long. Last week was our first Sunday and things went well. However yesterday, just being our second Sunday there, went great! God really blessed me with a very practical message that was about an "unlikely hero" that being my own sister Melanie. I shared how Benjamin, Emily, and Rachel had come to a saving knowledge and grace of Jesus and the talked about Ruth in the Bible who cared so much about her family being taken care of. God was just really good and was really in the service yesterday. It seemed folks like it too, along with the delicious baked potatoes after teh service. Could it be that Life Pointe is finally turning the corner??? Let's pray so and pray that folks will come to church and bring the lost and unchurched with them. I know God has some good plans for us. May we be found faithful. Thank you Jesus for all you do! And I almost forgot, it was an enjoyable weekend with our friend Richie visiting us from Tennessee. We all had lots of fun playing some music together at Nancy and Larry's house and it was so good to laugh.

November 7, 2010

First Sunday at the NEW LOCATION!

Today, November 7th, 2010 was our very first Sunday at Round Hill Elementary School! We had a good turn out and it seemed things went smoothly, especially since we just had our yearly Block Party yesterday with temperatures in the 50's! Today was a good day though and we experienced God among us so that's what it most important. I must admit the past few weeks have been trying and today seemed a little more like it use to be. God knows what we need and how much we can take, so He seems to be refining us like silver or gold when it is heated up, so we should be greatful that He is making us better! Today, hopefully will be the start of something BIG! God is good! And I can't believe we are now in a new home...but God went with us and is guiding us, so we are going to be fine. May souls get saved; lives be changed; and God be honored as we continue on as LIFE POINTE Church!

October 27, 2010

Blessings and Trials!

This morning I awoke to hear the rain pounding down and then later when I went to school it was raining so hard that I just sat in the car for awhile before I could go in. But that was ok, because I wanted to talk to the Lord, so the rain He sent just gave me another reason to stay put and enjoy some quiet time with Him. I felt my day went pretty good but when I got home I learned that the "powers" that be in the Roanoke school system had decided to charge us after all for using Round Hill as the location for Life Pointe Church so once again the Lord seemed to be testing me or us and seeing if we are going to be faithful and hang in there till He changes things or provides another means to use the school. But then Ginny was talking later to Nancy and Larry and asking them to pray and not only did they say they would do that but added that they would like to support us if need be. That is a blessing indeed so maybe God is using us to get other folks busy, going about doing the Father's work. So things are going to be ok, but it still seems like God is putting us through the fire for some reason. Maybe it is to burn off the impurities and end up with something "pure" for Him and His use. May we continue to be faithful.

October 25, 2010

Tough Day on a Monday!

I know we are not suppose to grow weary but I am. I don't know quite what it is, but on this very rainy, (I can hear it through the roof here at school) Monday, it just seems sort of tough. And it's not like God hasn't been working, I rejoice in the fact that my niece Emily and her little sister Rachel both asked Jesus into their hearts this past week so that's great! But it just seems like I sometimes have the feeling that I am not quite doing all I can to lead Life Pointe Church the way I should be. I want Ginny and Andy and Ashley to grow just like I want other to grow. It seems we have so many different spiritual levels at Life Pointe. But it just seems that our vision and enthusiasm is not as high as it use to be so I just want us to keep the vision that God has given me in front of us; stay expectant of His leading and blessings; and just look for the opportunities that He gives us to share with others the good news of Jesus love and forgiveness. I even need to remember those things myself sometimes. It seems we all either stay busy or tired almost all the time and we have to get out of that rut and get back to enjoying the things we do and not just doing the things we do. I feel overwhelmed at times, yet I know Jesus tells me to put all my cares on Him. I want to do that, it is just tough sometimes. But as the song says "and may all who come behind us find us faithful" and as another song says "I hide myself in thee" so that is what I will do as I sit and wait for all the storms to pass but with this very real rain that's falling and with the "rain" that I feel has been coming down on me for the past few days or weeks. God is in control, and I know that; and I know He cares for me and loves me just like He does His own Son, so that alone should be enough to help me keep going and press on. I want to soar but maybe soon....

October 23, 2010

Great News About "The Good News"

Since the Bible is called "the Good News" I am thankful that "the Good News" gave me some great news just this past week! Just when you wonder if you are making a difference or not or if Life Pointe Church is making a difference in the lives of folks, along comes an email like the one I got from my sister Melanie on Thursday evening. On September 8th, I made an entry about my nephew Benjamin seeing his need for Jesus and that was just so exciting! Well this past Thursday my sister Melanie sent me an email about Emily coming home with two things in her hand. One was her report card and the other thing was a paper that she had signed showing that she had accepted Jesus as her Savior when the Bible bus had made a visit to her school! Emily got saved!! And then if this wasn't enough great news concerning the "Good News" then Melanie proceeded to tell me about Rachel who after hearing about Emily asking Jesus into her heart wanted to do the same. So Rachel bowed her little head and asked Jesus to come into her heart and save her too! So Melanie made sure Rachel asked forgiveness and then prayed with her too! What unspeakable or indescribable joy Melanie must have now to have seen ALL of her children come to the Lord within about a month of each other!! I am proud of them and so love the Lord so much for giving us eternal life and for giving it to my very own nephew and now my two nieces!! And to know that Life Pointe Church played a part in this, (Melanie calls us a catalyst) is such a blessing to me! And so I am encouraged to know that God is indeed with us and will lead us as we travel on and lead others to Him! Praise the Lord! Who knows what He has in store for us tomorrow for our Sunday service! And I continue to preach up in Newport too, so God is charge and I pray that I might be a mouthpiece bringing His "Good News" to all those I can!

October 18, 2010

Good Service for October 17, 2010

Glancing at my last post, I see it has been since September 8th, since I have last written something yet I know God continues to work both personally in my life and at Life Pointe Church. Yesterday for example, I felt we had some good responses to the message and had the opportunity to share with others so God blessed our time. One thing that touched my heart was my sister telling me after the service, and often through tears at that, that she and the family are going on a little trip this coming weekend and taking a little girl that my sister knows is not saved and really wants nothing to do with God. But my message was on Esther and the key verse was 4:14 from that book which reminds us, "for such a time as this" and that touched Melanie to see the connection that for this coming weekend, she has the opportunity to be Esther and possibly share Jesus with that little girl, thus just like in the story of Esther, people are saved and lives are changed. Wow, that really blessed my heart as my sister Melanie was telling me that. That just shows God is giving her a sensitive spirit towards others, especially those that don't know Jesus. And we had a couple of visitors that came in at the last, nevertheless enjoyed some pizza with us and one of them even enjoyed working a puzzle about Daniel in the Lion's Den and I thought that was great. And of course I am thankful for the family God has blessed me with, who without them, I couldn't do the work of Life Pointe Church. I am both humbled and grateful. This is a new month, and with the Block Party, possibly changing locations for the church, and some other things we are working on, it looks busy, but afterall, Jesus said, "I must be about my Father's business" so I am happy to be doing the work of God.

September 8, 2010


It's hard to believe it's September already! That means we start back to school both at Liberty and at our local schools. Ginny begins her busy year at Round Hill Elementary and I will be in my 11th year at Salem teaching driver's ed. And with Andy and I taking classes at Libety working towards degrees, that means we will have homework to do and papers to write, so fall is definitely a busy time for all of us! But on the first Sunday in September, just before our last official holiday, which was Labor Day, the service we had at Life Pointe was a good one, with the Holy Spirit definitely touching our hearts and being present in our midst. We had some new folks come to visit, so with my former student and his family visiting the week before and with more visitors this past Sunday, I feel God is letting us be known around the neighborhood and beyond. I think as we continue to provide lunch afterward the service, that gives us a chance to sit and talk and get to know one another and share our hearts. But the most exciting news for this past Sunday, was not necessarily at the service but a few hours later when my sister Melanie wrote and told me about my little nephew Benjamin. As they were going to bed and talking about the day; after Meleanie had read a devotion from the book she borrowed from Ginny, Benjamin started asking about Heaven and going there. Within the net few mintues and Melanie sharing what God's plan is for each of us, Benjamin decided to ask Jesus to come into his heart and give him a home in heaven!!! How wonderful and fantastic is that! As I read Melanie's message to me, I had tears running down my face and then turned and said to Ginny, "that's why we have a church..." to plant seeds that God later waters and helps to grow so they can grow into a plant of "faith." I am just glad and humbled that He lets us share in the work of planting, plowing, and watching Him do the harvesting. I thank you Jesus for saving Benjamin!

August 30, 2010

God if Faithful!

Yesterday was a little tough for the first moments; as I entered Huff Lane School, the hallways were dark because we couldn't get the lights to come on. I guess they turned them off the other day but anyway, it first looked like we had no electricity....turns out we only had to find the breaker box and get the switch taken care of. But then upon entering the library, I was sort of taken back that all the tables and chairs were gone. I was starring into an empty room. Looked a little sad and dismal but I located some chairs in the library and soon had enough for our soon to be 21-person crowd that God was going to send out way. Besides our usual crew of me, Ginny, Andy, Ashley, Steve, Karen, and Matthew---we also added my sister Melanie, Emilly, Benjamin, and Rachel----and Benita was with us, along with my brother Tim, and Ben and Nicki, who have came to our services quite a lot, and Brian Nicely came and brought his family with him, including his in laws, so we had a good day with a lot in attendance. I am not sure what we will find next week but God does, so I will just talk to Him a lot this week and look to Him for His provision. Thanks Jesus.

August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Ginny!

With all the things that I wrote about just now in the last post, I somehow forgot to mention another blessing from the Lord and a chance to celebrate His goodness! Ginny's birthday was on August 23rd so we went to Liberty Station in Bedord and had a good time. And it rained as it usually does so we felt right at home. Since that was the first time we visited Liberty Station since it had been built back since it burned down, it was nice to go back to one of our favorite spots. I am blessed to have Ginny as a wife, friend, companion, and great encourager and worker for the church plant we have stepped out to establish, I sure couldn't do without her and her valuable help. And Ginny's day finished with Binita's family coming over again reminding me and Ginny that she is loved by a lot more people than just her family! Happy Birthday Ginny!

God Leads On!

Wow, once again I can't believe I have waited so long to blog some of the important things happening for Life Pointe Church! It seems every day or every week at least is both a challenge and a blessing. Consider the following items:
1. In May the Roanoke City School Board voted to close Huff Lane School.
2. The gym began to be filled with boxes limiting us to half the space.
3. The gym then began to be totally filled with boxes thus causing us to move to the library.
4. Jeff Ginn came to visit us on August 8th and speak to about 27 folks who were with us that day.
5. We had lunch after the service with Jeff Ginn and provided a 6 foot tasty sub for over 20 people! The fellowship was good and the day went very well!
6. With one week finding the LCD projector gone and then the next week finding the laptops gone, it seems every week something new was coming our way.
7. This past week for example, the furniture started leaving the library with the chairs being the first to go. So this week we may not even have a place to sit! I told you it was exciting!

But with all these "trying" times coming our way, the past Friday, on August 20th, I had a day that was just awesome and God directed! I met with a former student of mine during my RVCS days and we ended up being at McDonald's from 8:30 am until 2:05 pm!! It was great! Brian, the former student I was meeting with, later told me via the facebook route, that he felt like God was sitting at the table with us! I tend to agree! And then I prayed with someone when I was leaving and even was able to invite a couple to Movie night, and THEY CAME! So God was good and I had a great day!
So even now with all the driver's ed. stuff going on, it's good and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us. Sometimes, I wish I didn't even have to go back to the school routine because I want to do so much through Life Pointe Church, but then again, God has things in place, so I will stay where I am in some ways, but look to soar in new ways with Him! Well it's time to get ready for tomorrow's message, so I'll close, anticipating yet another good day, week, and life, as I live for the One who gave His all for me!

July 18, 2010

Good Service!

Today, July 18th, was a good day for us at Life Pointe Church! We stayed faithful and continued having our services at Huff Lane School. We had 8 people there today but that's ok, I think God blessed us no matter what the number present was. Today I talked about John 2 and Jesus turning the water into wine. Reminds me of how He turns us into something special before God. I await further instructions for what we are to do next. I feel similar to what the soldiers did at D-Day as we wait for the go ahead to head to our next "beachhead" landing. God is good and so we are faithful in the Army of God, serving as faithful "soldiers" to the King. We had a good service today and enjoy talking a lot after; I think they call that "fellowship" which is so good to see as we continue to "point lives to Christ!"

July 15, 2010

Gradual Peace

Well, here it is July 15th and I realize once again it's been quite a while since I have posted anything, yet God continues to work and bless my heart. Tomorrow is our Life Pointe Church's monthly movie so we continue to be faithful and do the things God has called us to do. Yesterday I went up to Round Hill Elementary School and this was only the second time yet a much different experience than my first time. The first time I went up, I was almost scared to go in the building after hearing from my wife how bad the place was. I am afraid everything she said was true. Or at least it sure seemed that way. The place looked trashy, dirty, and just left me feeling a little disappointed if not defeated about what the future held. But then came yesterday. And this was after I had spent a week at Camp Ta-pa-win-go experiencing God working on young hearts there. Perhaps it was an extended blessing from there, but nevertheless, as I went in to the school yesterday, I had a different expectancy. As I walked in, I felt "this could work!" and so as I walked down the hallway, which looked "warmer" this time instead of so dirty as I previously thought it was, I felt God impressing upon my heart that He could do a work there. And then as I walked through the cafeteria, I actually felt that God would bless our efforts there. I started blinking back tears as I felt that God could indeed make this a place of "hope" and "encouragement" to all those who would come visit us. It just seemed so different this time. God had obviously given me a new spirit about being at Round Hill and so for that I am grateful. Does that mean it is always going to be easy?? Probably not but at least for now, I am much better than I use to be. I walked around the school and prayed a lot and just ask God to place His Hand on our ministry. I just was burdened and blessed all at the same time so I am so thankful for that. I kept thinking: I used to be sort of aggravated; now I am alright; I use to dread going to Round Hill; now I am sort of looking forward to it. Only God could change my attitude that much. So while we are still in transition going from Huff Lane to Round Hill I feel better and know that God is with us. Praise the Lord for that. Oh, and one other thing. I stopped by the church beside the school hoping to see the pastor. It turns out he about came out the door as I drove up. He was positive and upbeat and glad to have us close by. He was an encouragement to me and seemed very willing to help. Again God is opening doors and I believe we can accomplish many things if we just stay faithful and keep going. It's tough but God has renewed my vision and I know He's with us. We can do it. May we be found faithful. Amen.

June 27, 2010

Time Goes On,,,Faith Gets Tested!

Today is June 27, a mere 15 days or so from my last post. As I read my last post I noticed I had wrote "it is with great sadness" and I am happy to say that I am trying to no longer look at the closing of Huff Lane with great sadness but rather with anticipation and eagerness to serve God in a new and better way! How's that for just accepting what God has in store for me and most important what He has in store for Life Pointe Church! I pray we will actually be able to live our our "motto" or goal and that is to "pointe lives to Christ" and with almost 500 kids at Round Hill we should be able to do that more effectively. That's 479 kids getting a monthly mailing about our movie night and potentially telling their parents about the new church that is meeting at the school! God is moving us for a reason and that reason is to bring folks to Him. The picture gets a little clearer as times passes..,doesn't mean it's still not tough to leave our familar stomping grounds but since God is moving us, it's got to be good and the best thing for us! Praise the Lord!

June 12, 2010

Huff Lane School Will Close

It is with great sadness that I type this post. This past Thursday, the Roanoke City School Board voted to close Huff Lane School. This is not only where Ginny has worked for almost 15 years, this is the place where lives have been changed and altered for eternity. As I went over to the school yesterday, I walked into the doors and saw boxes already being filled, taped shut, and placed in the gym. Having our Sunday service is probably going to be difficult to do with the all the things already in the way. But we will have it and continue to be faithful as God makes His will more clear to us. It is a trying and confusing time. I love the Lord and want His church, the church He has called me to plant, to continue, but right now there is a lot of uncertainity. I have been told by Ginny, that the principal at Huff Lane will let us meet at Round Hill next year, so God can still change lives there. It is just not the same and it is very tough right now. These are the times that try men's souls, I believe was a quote from George Washington but my soul is not being tried, but my spirit is. May God get the glory as always and may we see the picture clearer soon.

June 4, 2010


Well tonight is the debut of yet another outreach of Life Pointe Church! We have been showing movies for soon to be 2 years; hosted 2 community wide Block Parties; hosted a week

May 30, 2010

The Battle Continues!

I am not quite sure if God is teaching me lessons or the devil is just uping the aggravation and trials. After learning the school (Huff Lane) is going to be closed next school year, (at least that is what has been proposed), I went into the school today to get set up for church and then Ginny ran to Wal-Mart just before the service was to start. Ginny walked in the door about a half an hour later, having walked from the bridge close to Valley View, since the van has stalled out and then just died on the side of the road. I went back over and tried to start it, and the ended up having to go and take the battery out and take it to Advance to get it charged. Turns out after I tried to jump start it using Steve's car, that taking it to get it charged at Advance was the best thing to do. As soon as I got back to the school, since charging the battery was going to take an hour, Ginny, Andy, Ashley, Karen, Matthew, and my brother Tim has used the time to pray since I wasn't there to hold the service, so it was good to pray about all the stuff going on, especially with the church. We went ahead and sang our songs and had announcements and prayer then called it a day. I then went back to jumpstart the van and it started up just fine! So God is still in control, the church is still going, and we are waiting on God's next step and orders on where to go or what to do next. It's trying sometimes, but we must persist. God is good.

May 26, 2010

Sad News

My, what a difference even 24 hours can make! Last night we had a good Bible Study with all of us being reminded that we are called "sons and daughters" of God. That we will enjoy the same inheritance that Christ will enjoy because we are joint heirs with Christ! So there is now no condemnation with God because we are His children who He lavishly poured out His love upon. So with that encouraging thought going to bed, I awoke this morning and felt pretty good and then had Ginny call at about 9:30 am to tell me that Huff Lane School will be closing this fall! I didn't really know what to say. Not only has Ginny worked there for 14 years, and her fellow workers and friends are there, but that is the home for Life Pointe Church, our church, the one we feel can make an eternal difference in the lives and souls of so many people. So it's sad to think we may not have a church home in a few months. We were planning on starting a coffee house ministry this summer and continue with movies so this may be a halt to all of that. This is when we really must trust God for the future. He knows what is best and I must lead with the assurance that God is truly in control. So are "dark times" ahead for Life Pointe Church or is this just the beginning of something much, much better? God knows and so we trust Him for all we need. It is still hard to believe that Huff Lane School will close. Maybe God will change things so we must wait, but meanwhile, we pust on for the high calling that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

May 23, 2010

Wonder Sometimes?

Do you ever wonder? It's not that you question God but do you ever just wonder sometimes? I am trying to stay faithful and give messages like I would if I were preaching to a 100 even though there are often just 10 to 15 at our services. I know to stay faithful, for God has promised that in due season, we will reap if we do not grow weary. Andy came up with a great idea over the weekend of having a Coffee/Game night over the summer months every Friday evening. And Ashley even thought of a great name in "Common Grounds" so that we can enjoy the coffee and the common ground that we hope to establish with our neighbors. I just wanted to do something more, especially coming back from the Innovate Conference last week, and knowing that we cannot quit and that we do not want to be one of the churchs that just gave up after a few months of not seeing many people respond. "I know the plans I have for you," says God so I need to remember those plans are good ones, not to harm us but to make us prosper, so I must be a good leader and press on towards the high calling of which God has called me. And to keep praying, that's the key. May we be found faithful and soon see God bless our efforts by bringing folks unto Himself.

May 3, 2010

Staying Faithful

Wow, I can't believe we have turned the page on another month! Andy's birthday is just in 5 days and we are busy doing school work for Liberty U. and with the end of the school year at SHS just 5 to 6 weeks away, things are bound to start heating up for the summer time! And it will also be no exception for Life Pointe as we try harder to grow the work God has given us the privilege to have. Yesterday we had 11 people which sounds small, but of that 11 people, one of them just accepted Jesus less than 2 months ago; two of them were students of mine at Salem in my driver's ed. classes; and two were friends of ours who do not have a church home; so with all that in mind, I think God is continuing to use us right in our own backyard! God is good! Sure, it would be nice to look out on a Sunday afternoon and see 100 people sitting there, but God knows what we can handle right now and as things progress and are put into place, God will bless us with more people. I just want to see folks saved and baptized and then grow up in Jesus! So with that in mind, we need to do just what Jesus told Jarius to do......."Just Believe!"

April 8, 2010

Eight Weeks Old!

It's hard to believe that Life Pointe Church is already 8 weeks, that is 2 months old! We had our very first Easter Service this past Sunday, April 4th, and we had about 30 folks in attendance, so praise the Lord for that! With my family from Giles offering their support and with my brother Tim's boys and wives from Richmond visiting, it was nice to see all the familiar, friendly, family, faces! I enjoyed speaking of Jesus "Ultimate Storm" and the price He paid for us. Hopefully we are still sowing the precious seed of God's Word and if we "faint not" we will see the fruit soon appear! This Sunday I get to preach at Craig Valley Baptist Church while my friend Bill Grindstaff is away visiting in Kentucky, so it will be a busy Sunday. And with continued work for Liberty University and school work for Salem, I feel I stay busy doing something just about all the time, but God is good and I know He has promised to take care of all my "cares" so I just keep giving them to Him, and that seems to work just fine! With the first conversion and soon to be first baptism for Life Pointe Church, I just realize again and again how good God is and how He has blessed us already so much. Let's continue to soar!!!

March 7, 2010

Sunday Service for March 6, 2010

Well today's service seemed to go well and we had a good number with 24 people there including my sister Melanie and her family from Giles County and my brother Tim from across town, so it's always good to see them. And with a few friends from CVBC in Newcastle, it was a nice number. Today's message was all about Jesus, the central figure of all Christianity and the Bible most notable figure. I always enjoy talking about Jesus and what He has done for us and continues to do for us. So I look with anticipation to more warmer weather and to hopefully more folks coming out to be with us. God is good!

March 2, 2010

God Is Good

On our opening day, Valentine's Day, we had around 36 people at our service; the second service saw about 25 or so; this past Sunday we had 11 people, so of course the first reaction is to feel a little low but then again, someone wrote on the back of our Life Pointe Contact Card that they had decided to begin a relationship with Jesus! So while I want to be careful and certainly follow up on this decision and to answer questions that this person may have, wouldn't it be just like God to give us our smallest crowd, yet most important decision! My message was on the lost coin, lost sheep, and lost may just be that this lost person was found this past Sunday, February 28, 2010! Praise the Lord!

February 22, 2010

Second Service Goes Well!

We enjoyed our second service for Life Pointe Church this past Sunday with about 24 people coming out to enjoy it with us! God gave us a good day and I had several good comments from folks afterwards with one comment especially blessing my heart. One person basically related to me that she had needed someone to just take her hand and give her hope and that was what she had received so I was very touched and encouraged to know that God is indeed working in the hearts of those who are coming to Life Point Church. I just know great things are in store for us as we continue to seek God and to serve others. It seemed I was a little more at ease this past Sunday too, and I was glad of that. I know God is in control but it's still a little nervous to stand up and sing and speak and just to know that I, along with my family and friends, are respresenting Jesus as we carefully and prayerfully form and establish Life Pointe Church in these very early days of the church. It is sort of like watching a little baby learning to walk or do things for the very first time. It's both exciting and a little scary but I just want to always maintain the very fine line of knowing God is in control and will provide and take care of us but to never, ever take that love and provision for granted. So I will continue to pray and look for great things from God, and I'll also be glad to see Andy and Ashley who were and still are out of the country this week, so their part in the ministry was missed and their valuable help will be welcomed back for our third service this coming Sunday, February 28, 2010! God is good!


Wow, I can't believe it has already been over a week since our church debut on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2010! It was so exciting and I admit I was little nervous as we saw something taking place that has been "in the making" for over a year and a half. In June of 2008, which now seems so long ago, we stepped out in faith and started showing movies for the community at Huff Lane School. Then after doing that for June, July, and August, we had our first ever Block Party with the help of Liberty University students and some local businesses donating some great door prizes. Then we began our weekly Bible Study in September of 2008 and have continued that for the whole year of 2009 and now even into 2010. And then, with the leading of the Lord and some great confirmations and answers to prayer, we had our VERY FIRST SUNDAY CHURCH SERVICE at 3:00 pm in the afternoon with around 34 people present! While a lot of them were my family from Giles and friends from Craig Valley Baptist Church, along with a few neighbors, it was still encouraging to see so many people present at our very first church service! Steve and I led the worship music and Andy did a good job at the computer providing all our powerpoint slides while Ginny and Ashley did a lot of the greeting, announcing, and providing refreshments for everyone! We even had cookies baked by our CVBC friends to give to folks at the end of the service, along with a valentine from Life Pointe Church! A ton of work went into making this a reality that day but also just the simple fact that God answered so many prayers and openned so many doors is also a blessing and confirmation that we are doing a great work and God is being honored as we serve Him by serving our neighbors and community. Praise the Lord for the great things He has done!

February 11, 2010

God Is Working!

I feel sort of like the servant girl who went to the door to see who it was and it turned out to be the person they were praying for. The story in Acts concerns some believers who were praying for Peter's escape from prison, yet when the servant girl went to answer the door, she was amazed at who was standing there......Peter! In essence, she was amazed at God working and answering prayers their prayers! I have been praying lately, especially lately that God would work and bring some folks in for our first Sunday service and there was one person in particular that I wanted to invite but all I knew about her is that she worked at Chick-fil-A. So I went in the other day ask about her and the manager didn't know who I was talking about. But tonight my family and I decided to go to Chick-fil-A to eat and I was thinking, "Lord, it would be nice to see that lady so I could invite her to church." So I walked in and who but should be standing right behind the counter, getting ready to leave, yet working at a time that she later told me that she normally wouldn't have been working....? The lady I needed to invite to Church this Sunday! Isn't God amazing and wonderful!! And before we left she told me she had told someone else and they were coming with her. And then my wife Ginny said that another person behind the counter was asking when our services would be on Sunday!! So we ended up inviting several to church and encouraging several others before we left! It seemed we knew about everybody in Chick-fil-A tonight! God is so good, and I am starting to get more excited and encouraged about our first Sunday service, this Sunday!

February 10, 2010

Exciting Day!

Getting up and finding out that we didn't have school because of the weather was nice but I was somewhat disappointed in that I didn't get to go to the CPN Luncheon that was planned for Tuesday, February 9th. I thought I would have to rush through lunch but then with "no school" I thought I could take my time, get to talk to some friends, and enjoy having lunch with my son Andy. And besides all that, I could pick up the GPS materials I had ordered. But then the luncheon was cancelled and that sort of made me out of whack especially since I had already taken a shower and everything. But that's was ok, we still got some things done. Ginny and I visited a local copy place and got some items rans off to use for our first Service and then later I got to practice some songs with Steve at the school, so that was good. I am excited to use the GPS stuff and think that will help our church get more well known in the community, so that's exciting! So it was busy, but it was a good day. God is in control, even of the winter weather, so I just leave it in His hands, and afterall, there's no better place to leave everything including ourselves!

February 1, 2010


While "little things" may not be exciting to some folks, they are to me! Just like today when the doorhangers and bookmark/invite cards I ordered from Outreach Products a week ago, finally arrived! Again, this may be no big thing to some folks, but to me, it's an opportunity to fill in the back and plan to hang these cards on the doors of all those people we would like to attend our very first church service on February 14th. This is just one more step towards our goal of getting our church established. It's hard to believe we have been doing our Bible Study for over a year now and showing monthly movies even longer. I feel it's time we stepped out in faith and finally see who God has in store for our future church. So it may just be "doorhangers" in the mail but it's exciting to see just one more thing that God is going to use to make Life Pointe a reality and blessing to those involved! Praise the Lord!

January 26, 2010


Wow, it is just so good to have some good "quiet time" with the Lord! And I had that with the Lord this morning. It's amazing how we can sit down with burdens and He lets us rise up with peace. He takes our concerns and instead gives us joy! It's not a fair trade by any means, but that's the kind of Savior we have, loving, kind, and generous! This past weekend we had over 60 for our movie night so that was great and encouraging! And we are planning to make history on February 14th, that's right, Valentine's Day, by having our first ever Life Pointe Church service. It is going to be on Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 3:00 pm in the afternoon! It's exciting and yet I want to keep it somewhat "low-key" because we are still not quite sure whether we can start meeting every week or not, but for right now, we are pressing on and looking for God to do some great things! And now back to my great "quiet time" that I enjoyed and was blessed by this morning so much, God even gave me my first message and some great ideas to do for that Sunday and that was just so good! He truly is inspiring and when He gives us things and we know it's Him, it is just awesome and sometimes overwhelming! God is good! Let's keep going!