February 10, 2010

Exciting Day!

Getting up and finding out that we didn't have school because of the weather was nice but I was somewhat disappointed in that I didn't get to go to the CPN Luncheon that was planned for Tuesday, February 9th. I thought I would have to rush through lunch but then with "no school" I thought I could take my time, get to talk to some friends, and enjoy having lunch with my son Andy. And besides all that, I could pick up the GPS materials I had ordered. But then the luncheon was cancelled and that sort of made me out of whack especially since I had already taken a shower and everything. But that's was ok, we still got some things done. Ginny and I visited a local copy place and got some items rans off to use for our first Service and then later I got to practice some songs with Steve at the school, so that was good. I am excited to use the GPS stuff and think that will help our church get more well known in the community, so that's exciting! So it was busy, but it was a good day. God is in control, even of the winter weather, so I just leave it in His hands, and afterall, there's no better place to leave everything including ourselves!

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