October 25, 2010

Tough Day on a Monday!

I know we are not suppose to grow weary but I am. I don't know quite what it is, but on this very rainy, (I can hear it through the roof here at school) Monday, it just seems sort of tough. And it's not like God hasn't been working, I rejoice in the fact that my niece Emily and her little sister Rachel both asked Jesus into their hearts this past week so that's great! But it just seems like I sometimes have the feeling that I am not quite doing all I can to lead Life Pointe Church the way I should be. I want Ginny and Andy and Ashley to grow just like I want other to grow. It seems we have so many different spiritual levels at Life Pointe. But it just seems that our vision and enthusiasm is not as high as it use to be so I just want us to keep the vision that God has given me in front of us; stay expectant of His leading and blessings; and just look for the opportunities that He gives us to share with others the good news of Jesus love and forgiveness. I even need to remember those things myself sometimes. It seems we all either stay busy or tired almost all the time and we have to get out of that rut and get back to enjoying the things we do and not just doing the things we do. I feel overwhelmed at times, yet I know Jesus tells me to put all my cares on Him. I want to do that, it is just tough sometimes. But as the song says "and may all who come behind us find us faithful" and as another song says "I hide myself in thee" so that is what I will do as I sit and wait for all the storms to pass but with this very real rain that's falling and with the "rain" that I feel has been coming down on me for the past few days or weeks. God is in control, and I know that; and I know He cares for me and loves me just like He does His own Son, so that alone should be enough to help me keep going and press on. I want to soar but maybe soon....

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