October 27, 2010

Blessings and Trials!

This morning I awoke to hear the rain pounding down and then later when I went to school it was raining so hard that I just sat in the car for awhile before I could go in. But that was ok, because I wanted to talk to the Lord, so the rain He sent just gave me another reason to stay put and enjoy some quiet time with Him. I felt my day went pretty good but when I got home I learned that the "powers" that be in the Roanoke school system had decided to charge us after all for using Round Hill as the location for Life Pointe Church so once again the Lord seemed to be testing me or us and seeing if we are going to be faithful and hang in there till He changes things or provides another means to use the school. But then Ginny was talking later to Nancy and Larry and asking them to pray and not only did they say they would do that but added that they would like to support us if need be. That is a blessing indeed so maybe God is using us to get other folks busy, going about doing the Father's work. So things are going to be ok, but it still seems like God is putting us through the fire for some reason. Maybe it is to burn off the impurities and end up with something "pure" for Him and His use. May we continue to be faithful.

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