November 7, 2010

First Sunday at the NEW LOCATION!

Today, November 7th, 2010 was our very first Sunday at Round Hill Elementary School! We had a good turn out and it seemed things went smoothly, especially since we just had our yearly Block Party yesterday with temperatures in the 50's! Today was a good day though and we experienced God among us so that's what it most important. I must admit the past few weeks have been trying and today seemed a little more like it use to be. God knows what we need and how much we can take, so He seems to be refining us like silver or gold when it is heated up, so we should be greatful that He is making us better! Today, hopefully will be the start of something BIG! God is good! And I can't believe we are now in a new home...but God went with us and is guiding us, so we are going to be fine. May souls get saved; lives be changed; and God be honored as we continue on as LIFE POINTE Church!

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