September 8, 2010


It's hard to believe it's September already! That means we start back to school both at Liberty and at our local schools. Ginny begins her busy year at Round Hill Elementary and I will be in my 11th year at Salem teaching driver's ed. And with Andy and I taking classes at Libety working towards degrees, that means we will have homework to do and papers to write, so fall is definitely a busy time for all of us! But on the first Sunday in September, just before our last official holiday, which was Labor Day, the service we had at Life Pointe was a good one, with the Holy Spirit definitely touching our hearts and being present in our midst. We had some new folks come to visit, so with my former student and his family visiting the week before and with more visitors this past Sunday, I feel God is letting us be known around the neighborhood and beyond. I think as we continue to provide lunch afterward the service, that gives us a chance to sit and talk and get to know one another and share our hearts. But the most exciting news for this past Sunday, was not necessarily at the service but a few hours later when my sister Melanie wrote and told me about my little nephew Benjamin. As they were going to bed and talking about the day; after Meleanie had read a devotion from the book she borrowed from Ginny, Benjamin started asking about Heaven and going there. Within the net few mintues and Melanie sharing what God's plan is for each of us, Benjamin decided to ask Jesus to come into his heart and give him a home in heaven!!! How wonderful and fantastic is that! As I read Melanie's message to me, I had tears running down my face and then turned and said to Ginny, "that's why we have a church..." to plant seeds that God later waters and helps to grow so they can grow into a plant of "faith." I am just glad and humbled that He lets us share in the work of planting, plowing, and watching Him do the harvesting. I thank you Jesus for saving Benjamin!

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