May 30, 2010

The Battle Continues!

I am not quite sure if God is teaching me lessons or the devil is just uping the aggravation and trials. After learning the school (Huff Lane) is going to be closed next school year, (at least that is what has been proposed), I went into the school today to get set up for church and then Ginny ran to Wal-Mart just before the service was to start. Ginny walked in the door about a half an hour later, having walked from the bridge close to Valley View, since the van has stalled out and then just died on the side of the road. I went back over and tried to start it, and the ended up having to go and take the battery out and take it to Advance to get it charged. Turns out after I tried to jump start it using Steve's car, that taking it to get it charged at Advance was the best thing to do. As soon as I got back to the school, since charging the battery was going to take an hour, Ginny, Andy, Ashley, Karen, Matthew, and my brother Tim has used the time to pray since I wasn't there to hold the service, so it was good to pray about all the stuff going on, especially with the church. We went ahead and sang our songs and had announcements and prayer then called it a day. I then went back to jumpstart the van and it started up just fine! So God is still in control, the church is still going, and we are waiting on God's next step and orders on where to go or what to do next. It's trying sometimes, but we must persist. God is good.

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