May 3, 2010

Staying Faithful

Wow, I can't believe we have turned the page on another month! Andy's birthday is just in 5 days and we are busy doing school work for Liberty U. and with the end of the school year at SHS just 5 to 6 weeks away, things are bound to start heating up for the summer time! And it will also be no exception for Life Pointe as we try harder to grow the work God has given us the privilege to have. Yesterday we had 11 people which sounds small, but of that 11 people, one of them just accepted Jesus less than 2 months ago; two of them were students of mine at Salem in my driver's ed. classes; and two were friends of ours who do not have a church home; so with all that in mind, I think God is continuing to use us right in our own backyard! God is good! Sure, it would be nice to look out on a Sunday afternoon and see 100 people sitting there, but God knows what we can handle right now and as things progress and are put into place, God will bless us with more people. I just want to see folks saved and baptized and then grow up in Jesus! So with that in mind, we need to do just what Jesus told Jarius to do......."Just Believe!"

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