April 8, 2010

Eight Weeks Old!

It's hard to believe that Life Pointe Church is already 8 weeks, that is 2 months old! We had our very first Easter Service this past Sunday, April 4th, and we had about 30 folks in attendance, so praise the Lord for that! With my family from Giles offering their support and with my brother Tim's boys and wives from Richmond visiting, it was nice to see all the familiar, friendly, family, faces! I enjoyed speaking of Jesus "Ultimate Storm" and the price He paid for us. Hopefully we are still sowing the precious seed of God's Word and if we "faint not" we will see the fruit soon appear! This Sunday I get to preach at Craig Valley Baptist Church while my friend Bill Grindstaff is away visiting in Kentucky, so it will be a busy Sunday. And with continued work for Liberty University and school work for Salem, I feel I stay busy doing something just about all the time, but God is good and I know He has promised to take care of all my "cares" so I just keep giving them to Him, and that seems to work just fine! With the first conversion and soon to be first baptism for Life Pointe Church, I just realize again and again how good God is and how He has blessed us already so much. Let's continue to soar!!!

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