May 23, 2010

Wonder Sometimes?

Do you ever wonder? It's not that you question God but do you ever just wonder sometimes? I am trying to stay faithful and give messages like I would if I were preaching to a 100 even though there are often just 10 to 15 at our services. I know to stay faithful, for God has promised that in due season, we will reap if we do not grow weary. Andy came up with a great idea over the weekend of having a Coffee/Game night over the summer months every Friday evening. And Ashley even thought of a great name in "Common Grounds" so that we can enjoy the coffee and the common ground that we hope to establish with our neighbors. I just wanted to do something more, especially coming back from the Innovate Conference last week, and knowing that we cannot quit and that we do not want to be one of the churchs that just gave up after a few months of not seeing many people respond. "I know the plans I have for you," says God so I need to remember those plans are good ones, not to harm us but to make us prosper, so I must be a good leader and press on towards the high calling of which God has called me. And to keep praying, that's the key. May we be found faithful and soon see God bless our efforts by bringing folks unto Himself.

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