August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Ginny!

With all the things that I wrote about just now in the last post, I somehow forgot to mention another blessing from the Lord and a chance to celebrate His goodness! Ginny's birthday was on August 23rd so we went to Liberty Station in Bedord and had a good time. And it rained as it usually does so we felt right at home. Since that was the first time we visited Liberty Station since it had been built back since it burned down, it was nice to go back to one of our favorite spots. I am blessed to have Ginny as a wife, friend, companion, and great encourager and worker for the church plant we have stepped out to establish, I sure couldn't do without her and her valuable help. And Ginny's day finished with Binita's family coming over again reminding me and Ginny that she is loved by a lot more people than just her family! Happy Birthday Ginny!

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