July 18, 2010

Good Service!

Today, July 18th, was a good day for us at Life Pointe Church! We stayed faithful and continued having our services at Huff Lane School. We had 8 people there today but that's ok, I think God blessed us no matter what the number present was. Today I talked about John 2 and Jesus turning the water into wine. Reminds me of how He turns us into something special before God. I await further instructions for what we are to do next. I feel similar to what the soldiers did at D-Day as we wait for the go ahead to head to our next "beachhead" landing. God is good and so we are faithful in the Army of God, serving as faithful "soldiers" to the King. We had a good service today and enjoy talking a lot after; I think they call that "fellowship" which is so good to see as we continue to "point lives to Christ!"

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