April 11, 2013

A New Location for Life Pointe Church? May Be!

Wow, once again, it has been so long since I have posted!! I noticed the last post was December 31, 2012 so I have posted since last year! At least it was the last day of last year, so that doesn't make it so bad I guess...but it has been too long! Today is April 10, 2013 so it's time I posted.  And after having the day I have had I just had to record this day in by blog/dairy.  Today, after making a few calls, I finally spoke to someone about something that is very important.  Ginny and I noticed a place on Williamson Road last week that is no longer an insurance office like it use to be for so very long.  It was closed in December of last year (the time of my last post, I just noticed) and has now sat vacant for the past few months.  So Ginny and I went past there last week during our Easter break and just thought we would look at the building, if only from the outside.  As we stopped by to look, the first thing I noticed was...... the address was 4624 Williamson Road....the 4624 part of an address sounded familiar to me since that has been our home address for the past almost 30 years! So I liked the address.....and even though we could only look inside, we thought, "well, maybe we can call and see what the details are." So Ginny looked up the address on the internet and then called the number. The person didn't have a number for the person who owned the building but said she would call us back.  She didn't in the day or so, so I called on Monday since that was last Thursday when Ginny made the first phone call.  And then I didn't hear back from our Monday call even though the woman said she would look up the number and give us a call or I told her just to leave it on our answering machine.  But since that didn't happen, I thought I would try to get in touch with someone today.  And then after waiting for as long as we had, today was just the opposite. Not only did I get in touch with someone, she gave me the number of the owner, who I called and then he said "if you want to come by and look at it I can meet you today at 2 o'clock.  Even though I had to wait until 5:00, I still went by today and met with Gary Francisco and we had a good talk....and then I said, "I wish my wife Ginny could come by and see it, and when I looked up there was Ginny coming in the front door.  I asked if Andy was in the van, and since he was, I went out and got him, and so we all went around looking at the potential of this old insurance building becoming the new location of Life Pointe Church.  After talking from roughly 5:00 till 6:20, we actually shared our vision with someone who is a believer and knows our neighbors Bruce and Cindy Jones, (he goes to church with them) and he seemed genuinely interested in what we wanted to do.  I should say I had already prayed at school today after feeling God burdening my heart to just spend some time in prayer today about the possibility of moving the church to this new location.  I am not sure if God wants us to move for 100% positive as of right now, that will still take some more prayer but I know this afternoon, I sure felt good and excited just as I was after my final prayer at school today.  So it was a good meeting and it seems Ginny, Andy, and Melanie too, since I called her and shared my exciting and leading, that God is moving and I think moving us!  It is very, very exciting.  Yes, it is a little scary too, but I think this is the place God wants us to move to and it is so neat to see God's Hand in what we are doing.  And now we will get to see God's Mighty Hand in providing for us as He opens up doors to give us exactly what we need to make this new location the perfect place to both worship and draw in people who need to hear about the saving grace and power of Jesus.  There are so many advantages to moving....we can clear out the thing here at the house that need to be at the church; we can have offices to both use and storage areas to put things; we can have Sunday School rooms or small group places to meet; we can have the excitement of watching everyone start taking ownership and pride and responsibility in what we are dong by having the opportunity to be more active and to make Life Pointe a place to bring friends, take pride in, and grow spiritually themselves.....there is just so much to pray about, think about, and to look forward to....I can't write all my feelings down and it's hard to write everything that has just touched my heart today, but it's good!  And I think God is moving...and we may very well be moving too! PRAISE THE LORD! I may not sleep tonight....Thank You Jesus!

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