April 23, 2013

Well, here it is just a few days after my last post and I still feel I could write some more things down on what God is continuing to do! For one thing, this past Sunday was a great day in that is seemed everyone is on the same page, that is wanting to do things together, so we all were in "once accord" as the Bible says about the disciples and early church, and so much so, that even some folks wanted to go see the building after the service!! A field trip for the church, how about that!! So 14 of us were walking around in the soon to be church of Life Pointe this past Sunday and already 5 more had seen it so that makes a total of 19 who have already walked around dreaming, envisioning, praying, and just be excited unto the Lord for all He's done and will do! It is great! And as if that wasn't enough, Gary Fransico, the person who owns the building, continues to bless my heart by doing above and beyond what someone who is selling a building has to do.  He is now helping to incorporate the church and setting up a lawyer to rough draft some contracts and just all kinds of things to help me to proceed forward with what God has called us all to do! It is amazing really just how God has directed and blessed in this whole thing.  I stand amazed....and somewhat "speechless" at all of what God has done. It sure is exciting to be marching forward, especially when God is the drum major! May we follow Him well and obey all that He has called us to do!

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