February 3, 2012

Basketball Game!

I can't believe it; after most of the time being late recording our events and happenings on the blogspot, I am actually ahead of time for once! Tomorrow is the day we get to go to Liberty University and watch the Flames play a basketball game at the Vines Center. After going to 2 football games as a group, we are now going to our first basketball game. The first trip we had 3 folks; the second trip we took 7 and tomorrow we have 8 people signed up, so who knows, before too long, we may need a bus instead of a van to go to the games! I am just glad we are having some outreach events to enjoy as a church and giving us some time to be together out the walls of Life Pointe. It's neat to do things together, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow and to other future events for Life Pointe. And Ginny and the ladies are still having their Crave Bible study on Saturdays too, so we are staying busy but doing God's work....it's exciting!

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