February 20, 2012


Wow! If every snowday is like this past Sunday, I say (as the lyrics of that wintery song says), Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! God was just amazing this past Sunday! I mean He oftens blesses and touches hearts but this past Sunday, He just blessed my heart beyond measure! I love it when God encourages us and confirms that what we are doing is exactly what He wants us to do! I must admit with a predicted snowfall on the way, that I thought it might be a small crowd. And I try to be positive and optimistic but will admit it is a little tough, especially with snow on the way. But I had a great message planned and was ready to start our new series of Footers and Foundations and so I thought, "Lord, I'm ready to go,.....so I sure hope the snow doesn't run folks off or keep them away!" So isn't it just like the Lord to honor that request and give us not only a good crowd but a great crowd of 34 people, one of the biggest we've ever had, and blessed us with the biggest offering we've ever had in the history of the church! Isn't God just amazing!! So we continue to see God's Hand upon us and the ministry of Life Pointe Church! Plus today I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the friends of Joey Patterson and we got to minister to this person for several hours and share what Christ can do in his life. So God gives us doors and we are going through them as He directs....may we continue to point lives to Christ!

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