September 11, 2012

With so many things happening at Life Pointe Church, I just feel like I could have a post on the blog page everyday!  I feel bad that I don't but when things get busy, I must admit the blog page is not my first priority!  I need to write more though, I know... this past weekend we had a camp reunion at Tapawingo in Tennessee and it was fun and it was all Andy's idea to get it going.  People were pleased and it was nice to see old friends and walk down memory lane with those who came out for the Camp Reunion.  I know one day we will look back at the things that have occured at Life Pointe and do the same thing.  We have had 41, 42, and 42 for our attendance numbers this past 3 weeks! That's exciting!  God is doing a work and I am just so glad He lets me be a part of it!  I also have 6 people ready to be baptized on September 23rd which will be an excellent birthday present for me since my birthday is the day before.  With VBS being blessed by the Lord we have gained about 8 to 10 new young people who just keep coming back and wanting to be a part of the church.  God is so good and I am thrilled but somewhat a little nervous in that I want to make sure I take good care of those who God has entrusted to me and to all of us at Life Pointe Church.  This past Sunday we made history somewhat in that we had to  have 3 different groups for our young people, so that was great! I pray God continues to bless and to bring the workers we need to take care of those He has brought!

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