August 13, 2012

Hallelujah!  I say that for a couple of reasons! One is to finally be able to post on my Life Pointe Blogpage!  I seem to always forget what the email address is or what the password is, so it's so hard to post something when I can't remember that essential to posting "stuff"! But finally I got it to my page so I wanted to make sure and post a few things that have transpared in the last little bit!  On August 4rh, just over a week ago, (today's Sunday the 12th) I performed only my second wedding, and that was with Joey and Kate Patterson! It was a nice wedding the backyard of Joey's mom, who lives in Salem.  I was glad to marry Joey and Kate and to see them continue with their committment both to each other and to Jesus!  And then there's what happened this past weekend.  I should probably make this a seperate post but I will go ahead and tag it on to this one.  This past week we got a suprise in that we were told that we couldn't have our planned VBS in Round Hill Elementary School and not only couldn't have the VBS on Saturday but couldn't have our church service today, the 12th of August or even next week, the 19th of August!  So satan tried to shut us down both for our planned VBS and for our church services...but God is greater and instead of shutting down, we had VBS and....saw several make decisions for Jesus!  So PRAISE the LORD! We had victory over the devils plans and saw God work in the hearts of the kids we had attend VBS this past Saturday! We also had a group of very nice people come up from Williamsburg to help us.  They were the guys from Smith Memorial Baptist Church and were so nice to sacrifice their weekend starting on Friday evening, then all day Saturday practically, and then worship with us this morning on Sunday!  So with all the goings on, God worked and it was so neat to see the kids who made decisions for VBS come to church this morning and even tonight for our Sunday Night Movie Time!'s been busy for the past while, but God is mighty and let 3 different churches work to bring glory to Himself! Amazing!

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