March 10, 2012

New Things!

I still get excited, just like a little kid, when I get some new things in the mail! This past week I finally got some things in that I had ordered for the church and it was exciting to once again see some things with the Life Pointe Church name on them! I ordered some coffee mugs a few weeks ago with our name and logo on them and wanted to have some on hand as visitors come to see us at church. I also thought about letting them be part of an Easter present for our regular church attendees! My goal is to remind people of us so they'll pray for Life Pointe on a regular basis and also to encourage folks to know that Life Pointe is there for them to be encouraged and point their lives to Christ! Along with some bumper stickers, and some new banners I just ordered yesterday, I hope Easter is one of the best services we've seen yet, since planting Life Pointe! God is good and I look forward to a great spring time. By the way, today's temperature is probably in the 60's and so spring is on the way!

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