September 8, 2013

I forgot to mention in my previous post that not only did we finally get our appraisal this past Tuesday, but then Jim and I were able to go over and get the remainder of the chairs we bought from Calvary Chapel on this past Friday as well.  It took us about 2 hours but even though it was hot and muggy and tiring, it was just so good again to get a job completed and be reminded of how God brings things about. His orchestration of how He left Brian see the offer on Craig's list on a Friday night; Brian lets me know Saturday morning; I call the man at Calvary; and then Ginny and I go over to actually see the chairs after getting a time set up with the seller. Then Ben and I went over to pick up the first load, a number of 50 chairs, and then here a few weeks later, Jim and I going over to pick up not another 50 but actually another 56! Turns out the seller had a few more than he thought he had. So God continues to bless and we continue to get ready for the move! It's an exciting time to be at Life Pointe Church! God is definitely Good!

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