November 18, 2008

Tuesday Night Bible Study!

Even though we were a little fewer in numbers tonight, we still had a good Bible Study and enjoyed talking about, seeking God's advice even though it is sometimes tough to take. We watched the episode of Andy Griffith that was "Aunt Bee and The Medicine Man" where Anut Bee was feeling a little low, so rather than go see Doc Andrews, she instead took the advice of Colonel Havey who was selling Indian Eilixer or Tonic to help folks feel young and have more pep. What it turned out to do was "give you a buzz" as Andy found out and by the end of the episode, Aunt Bee learned the same thing. So finally she ended up going to Doc Andrews and seeking wisdom from someone who was trustworthy. The lesson is simple: God is who we need to go to and seek wisdon from, but instead we call on friends, try things that aren't too good for us, and when we finally learn the hard way, then we ask God what He thinks. We could learn a lot from Aunt Bee......go to the right source when we are feeling low or need help and the right source is the Master Physician who can help us feel better and do it the right way. Have a good week!

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