November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night for our Bible Study we had some really nice goodies like: ham biscuits, twice baked- potatoes, green beans with almonds, cherry pie, chocolate cake, and then a good study which reminded us to always pray before we do anything, especially anything BIG. The Andy Griffith episode which is about Barney buying a car, but not taking time to inquire about it before buying it and instead letting his emotions make the decision for him, just reminded us that we do the same thing sometimes. We picked a couple of passages of scripture, one about Joshua and the Gibeonites, where Joshua and his men did not inquire of the Lord before they made their decision thus making a big mistake and being made to look sort of foolish; and then we looked at another passage of Scripture in II Chronicles 20:3 where Jeshoshaphat the King learned he was about to be attacked, yet with time drawing near, he still took the time to inquire of the Lord for guidance and help. The lesson was simple, things turned out great for one and bad for the other, so just like Barney and buying the car, we need to seek guidance from both friends and God to make the best choices in our lives. God continues to bless us as we plant His church, and it's exciting to watch!

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