December 2, 2008

Morals From Mayberry

Well here it is the first Tuesday after our Thanksgiving Holiday and while we had 14 folks for our Bible Study tonight (which was great!) we were missing a few people and so I was reminded that I am very thankful when everyone is there, especially Ginny who was absent tonight so she could attend a church function with her Mom. I know Ginny is valuable but it's nothing like her being gone to remind me of that. But we did alright and we had a good time studying what King David, Samson, and Barney Fife had in common. I know it may sound crazy but you would have had to be there to get the full comparrison of all these guys but the episode was Barney buying a car and how we often ignore good advice from God and our good friends and instead get suckered in to a bad deal, so maybe that will give you some good hints on what our study was about. But now with the new month, we will turn our attention to Christmas and so next week will be the Christmas episode of Andy Griffith, so hopefully it will be a blessing and another opportunity for God to teach us all.

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