December 21, 2008

Monthly Movie Madness Night!

Last night was encouraging in that we had 45 folks show up for our Monthly Movie Madness Night. We have been showing movies since June and have showed one every 3rd Saturday of the month but last night also added a "dinner" to the festivities by giving everyone Pizza and a Salad, so it was a very busy night but a good one hopefully to make more contacts for the future. It was a little bit frustrating in that I want so much to just share Jesus with folks and tell them about Him and His free gift of life to us, but sometimes with children and comotion I wonder if the message is as clear as I would like it to be or in short, if anyone is really listening, but I just have to remember to Plant & Plow, and God will do the harvesting. So let's press on and look forward to the new year and hopefully some New Lives that are formed because of Jesus!

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