December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wow, I can't believe Christmas has again come and gone so quickly. I really wanted to slow down some today and remember that Jesus really did come down to earth, the same earth we stand on right now, and was born as a baby, leaving the comforts of Heaven just to come down to earth and provide us a way of salvation. So He left His home so that we could have a home, one day with Him. I enjoyed being with family today and enjoyed eating some nice food and I get to do the same thing tomorrow, but I really do want to tell others about Jesus and I thought so much about my neighbors today, especially those who live alone, and want to share with them so much about what Jesus offers us, if we will just accept it. Maybe the new year will provide us with the opportunity to share the love of Christ more and more with those around us, both neighbors and friends, and family, so "Happy Birthday Jesus" and I pray that we will continue to celebrate your birth and your life all year long!

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