December 15, 2008

God Is At Work!

It's obvious that God is always working on our behalf and preparing things for us that are just great, exciting, and most definitely for our benefit. But when we can witness first hand or just see some things from time to time that we just know that God is doing, it's exciting and we are again reminded of His faithfulness and blessings to us. Everytime I contact someone, especially some of my former students that I've had years ago, I can see God maybe working to put us together again, so that I might again teach Bible to them, just like I did years ago. Or when I see someone who doesn't really want to go to the church they use to or just haven't attended in such a long time, but yet are open to maybe coming to a Movie Night that we are hosting, or attending a Bible study the we are doing, then again I just see God putting things in place for BIG things to happen in the future. So I'm exciting, God is working, and the best is yet to come! Praise Him!

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