November 4, 2008

A Victory On Election Day!

No matter how anyone looks at the end results of any of the political races, I still think there was a major victory today on this Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, Election Day! Why? Well this morning at about 8:00 am I went to the Elementary School, (Huff-Lane) where my wife works, where we both vote, and where we are currently holding our Bible studies every Tuesday night. I give all the credit to the Lord who gave me an amazing idea last week while I was out walking my kitty cat Tory one night. The Lord gave me this idea: why not sit up a table or tent at the school and give out information about Life Pointe Church as voters come to the school to vote? I thought "wow, what a great idea!" It make perfect sense! The people who come to vote, have to live close by the school or they wouldn't be voting, thus they would be close enough to be potential members or visitors to Life Pointe! So this morning, at about 8:00 am I went to the school, (my wife was there at 5:30 am to work a PTA bake sale, so we both were there with a purpose) and I sit up a tent, began to hand out candy bars to folks passing by, and not only did I share my heart, info about the church, and future events, but I was even able to invite them to the Bible study that was tonight! the end of the day about 5:30 or so, we had handed out over 125 candy bars that my wife Ginny had carefully taped little notes about the church to, thus giving us a good conversation piece and a valuable (and chocolatey) way of giving out info, but more importantly had planted about 125 seeds for the Lord to bring to harvest! See what I mean about a victory? I really don't know how many will come to Life Pointe in future weeks and months, but I feel we were faithful today in following what God told us to do, and we got out more info about the church, had more meaningful conversations, and planted more seeds for God to water and harvest that we could have in months and months or knocking on doors in the neighborhood. God is so good and I praise Him for the idea, for the opportunity to share, and for the results He will bless us with in the future! It's exciting and I can't wait to see the harvest!

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