October 31, 2008

Tuesday Night Bible Study!

I was reminded the other day by a friend who lives in France, whose name is Annick, that I should post something after the Tuesday night Bible Study so those who missed it will know what we did! I thought that was a "bon" idea, that is a good idea to do. So just for an update of these past few weeks, we started the Bible study on September 23 with 15 people at Huff-Lane Elementary School. We meet at 6:55 pm and usually finish around 8:05 pm. The series we are doing right now is called "Morals From Mayberry" and so each week I pick an episode or short segment of an episode of the Andy Griffith Show to watch, then compare to a Bible character, then apply the lesson to our own lives. It seems to be going well, and as I said the first night we had 15 people; the second week, 12; the third week, 18; the fourth week, 12; the fifth week, 7; and then last week we had 12 again, so it seems to be up and down sometimes, but we always have fun and learn some good lessons about: responsibility, sacrifice, transformation, and love. Last week, we learned about discipline as we watched the episode of the "spoiled" kid who got his way all the time. It was good, even though it was cold outside, we stayed warm with some good hot coffee, hot chocolate, and a good life lesson from the Bible. Come join us if you can!

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